100 Years Of Men's Fashion In Three Dapper Minutes

Men's fashion is having a moment, from the first ever New York Men's Fashion Week, to the launch of CR Men's Book. Now, the men get their installment of fashion history in MODE's newest 100 Years Of Men's Fashion video, which showcases the famous fashions spanning rom 1915 to 2015. Can I just say hubba hubba to the '50s greasers?

The amazing thing about these 100 years of fashion videos is their ability to capture history. As Bill Cunningham famously said, "Fashion is the armor to survive the reality of everyday life. I don't think you could do away with it. It would be like doing away with civilization." Take the 1920s, when styles became significantly ostentatious—most likely from the discovery of buying on credit. Of course, that did lead to the Great Depression, but they sure as hell looked pretty nice!

The '30s and '40s roll by with some pretty proper fashions—ties, sweater vests, high-water hems, and even hats. Ah, and of course, the '50s. Grease Lightning, and a whole lot of muscle tees and denim. Oh, those rebels without their causes. Also, can we talk about how chic the '60s were? Monochrome reigned supreme and mod glasses were all the rage. Men's fashion has definitely been taking cues from this era lately.

Then come the '70s, which of course, are plagued with big hair, aviator frames, and paisley prints. Don't forget the exposed chest hair, too. The '80s are of course filled with an undone shirt and tie and mullet (let's keep that hairstyle stuck in that era, please). Then comes the ultimate faux pas—the '90s. I cringe at the black, square-toed shoes, ill-fitting denim, and a poorly fitted bowling shirt. Plus a puka shell necklace? Please, please, I beg of you all—let's keep these items in the past. This whole outfit screams Chandler Bing, and as much as I love him, it absolutely needs to go.

The same sentiment holds for the early 2000s, with the popped collar and still poorly-fitted jeans. As we get into 2015, though, the model looks pretty standard and stylish in a chambray button up, dark denim, desert boot, messenger bag, and of course, the scruff. Where's the beard at?

Styles come in and out, but the classics will always remain present. Which is why fashion constantly borrows from the past. It's always a fun ride to watch these roundups, to be inspired, to be turned off, or to just learn a thing or two.

Images: Glam/YouTube