What 'Teen Wolf's Dread Doctors Book Is All About

by Keertana Sastry

Guys, I'm genuinely afraid of this new season of Teen Wolf. The big bad for Season 5, the Dread Doctors, are legitimately creepy. So far they've already been seen creating new, horrifyingly mutated supernatural creatures called chimera, which appear like whatever Donovan has become. That mouth coming out of Donovan's hand was enough to keep me awake at night. But now it turns out they will be the only villains on the show's history that return for more than one season. That's right, the Dread Doctors will appear in Teen Wolf Season 5A and Season 5B for continuous terror and torture of our dear Beacon Hills High School friends. As if their images weren't freaky enough, now Malia has discovered a book titled after the haunting creatures. But what is the Dread Doctors book all about?

Let's break down what's known at present. The book on the Dread Doctors was written by author T.R. McCammon and has the tagline, "A terrifying tale of science fiction and horror." Now, this leads me to believe that Dread Doctors were fictional characters created by this author. However, as viewers have seen, three people took them very seriously. Or perhaps T.R. McCammon knew the Dread Doctors were real and wrote about his experiences with them. In the Teen Wolf trailer released during Comic-Con, Dr. Valack says, "wanna know how many died the last time they came?" This implies the Dread Doctors have appeared before, so McCammon could absolutely have been writing from personal experiences.

Then there's the possible meaning behind the author's name. T.R. McCammon shares the same last name as a scientist, J. Andrew McCammon, who is an expert in the field of theoretical and computational chemistry to biological systems. Now that may not make a whole lot of sense by itself, but combined with what the Dread Doctors are doing — mutating biological systems to make the chimera — and considering that computational chemistry is used in the design of new drugs and materials, the last name McCammon cannot be a coincidence. If that wasn't enough, there is also an author by the name of Robert McCammon, a well-known horror novelist. This author has written several popular horror novels including a werewolf series that began with the novel The Wolf's Hour. This reference is probably just a straight nod to the author, but perhaps something in one of McCammon's novels could tell us more about the Dread Doctors?

It's also known that in an upcoming episode (Episode 6 to be exact), the show will flashback to young Stiles and Scott. Now this theory is quite possibly the most far-fetched, but what if the last time the Dread Doctors arrived, it was when Scott and Stiles were young kids and that is the Dread Doctors book's storyline? What if the guys were so young, they still knew Theo before he moved after the fourth grade? In fact, what if something that happened with the Dread Doctors is what made Theo move in the first place? It would make sense for Theo and the Dread Doctors to be connected in the past, especially since it's now known that Theo is working for the Dread Doctors in Season 5A.

Everything on this show connects at some point or another, so even if all of these theories are inaccurate (which is possible because Jeff Davis and Co. are all about the twists in the Teen Wolf plot lines), Malia still needs to take the Dread Doctors book to Scott. He has to make sure his pack studies it and becomes at least theoretically familiar with their newest and scariest villains, in order to ward off whatever threats are coming their way.

Image: MTV