How To Deal With Sweaty Summer Swamp Crotch

Ahhh, summer: The birds are chirping, the flowers are blooming, and a lake of sweat is pooling between your legs. That doesn't mean that you have to spend all of your summer days feeling like a giant sweat puddle, though. Once you figure out how to deal with swamp crotch, the season can once again be about beach days, barbecues, and the sweet satisfaction of knowing your bits won't be permanently staining your favorite hammock chair.

Swamp crotch is sort of like the less-talked-about cousin of swamp ass, and it's enough to drive a human being to only leave their home once the sweat-inducing sun has set for the day. Crotch sweat isn't just annoying: It can become really uncomfortable and cause you to chafe and itch as well.

Sometimes all that it takes to immediately rob the cuteness you feel in your new sundress and sandals is walking more than three blocks in 90 degree weather. It's important to remember that we all sweat in the summer, though. If you're worried that your sweat levels at a barbecue are at an all-time high, trust that celebrities walking the red carpet under hot lights and in all kinds of constricting shapewear and gowns probably have it 20 times worse. Sure, that might not make make you feel better or more comfortable as you stand in line for that food truck, fearing the bead of sweat that's about to run down from your vadge area to your leg, but it's something.

Here's how to prevent, reduce, and treat the discomfort of your swamp crotch once and for all.

1. Ditch The Skinnies

Adorably Yours Skirt, $50,

Eileen Fisher Plus Size Harem Pants, $198,

The less constricted the area between your legs is, the less heat is going to be trapped there, and the less you're going to sweat. It's science or whatever. Pick skirts, dresses, or trendy harem pants instead of your classic skinnies to reduce your crotch sweat potential.

2. Wear Wicking Undies

Lucy Full Brief in Slate, $36-58,

My life changed when I started wearing Dear Kate moisture-wicking undies. The brand's designs are so cute that you won't miss your regular underthings in the least. Plus, they are made from fabric that keeps you dry with the moisture-absorbing layers. It's seriously magical and the No. 1 easiest thing you can do to eliminate the most amount of sweat.

3. Use A Powder

Silky Underwear Powder, $11,

Powder can get a bad rep when used incorrectly or because of widely-used talc's purported links to cancer. While there may be some link between talc powder usage and cancer, the studies have been inconclusive thus far. I am definitely not risking it, though, so choosing a talc-free powder to dust between my legs is the best lifesaver. Not only can it soothe irritated skin, but it can soak up a little extra sweat too.

This is why it's best to dust up before sweating, rather than trying to diffuse an already damp situation that will likely end in a pasty mess. Use a little, apply it with a brush for even coating, and dust it over a large area to get the maximum benefits.

4. Refresh

Lavender and Bergamot Refreshing Mist, $19,

A mist from an astringent toner or refreshing spray with astringent ingredients like witch hazel is going to be your BFF. I keep a bottle of Woodlot's Refreshing Mist in my purse and one in my fridge. Throughout the day, I sneak into the bathroom for a little spritz when I feel like I could use some cooling freshness, and then I go a little nuts with it when I get home and finally get to take everything off for the day.

5. Wipe It

I Love My Muff Fresh Wipes, $22,

When things really get out of control, sometimes there's no other choice but to wipe it all away and start over. A cleansing wipe and a little drying action can be the difference between a relaxed afternoon and a hellish one. Make sure to use a product specially formulated for the genital area and not a face or hand wipe (a yeast infection taught me this the hard way). You can reapply dusting powder once you've air dried

Of course, all of these tips come down to giving yourself a little relief. Nothing is going to stop your sweat entirely, and that's perfect OK. At least with this arsenal of tricks, however, you can take on the rest of your day feeling refreshed.

Images: Jan Vašek/Unsplash; Courtesy Brands