This New Dating App Is For All Sexual Orientations

The neat little boxes of gay or straight and male or female tend to stifle the full spectrum of identities that exist in the real world. Enter One Good Crush, a new dating app for all gender expressions and sexual orientations that doesn't limit daters to cisnormative binaries for self-identification.

The most unique part about the app is that it is particularly suited to transgender daters, says Trish McDermott, strategic adviser for One Good Crush "We as a society have really evolved around transgender rights and accepting everything. Even sports and the military have begun accepting different definitions of gender," she told USA Today," and "online dating is one of the last bastions separating people."

One Good Crush is currently at 100,000 users after its soft launch three months ago. Of those who have signed up thus far, 57 percent identify as gay, 37 percent identify as lesbian, four percent identify as transgender, one percent identify as queer, and less than one percent identify as straight. Arguably, a larger pool makes it a bit harder to find someone that you're into, but on the other hand, it can also mean a more diverse group than you usually get to pick from. Here are three facts about this groundbreaking new dating app:

1. You Have Five Gender Identity Options

Unlike Tinder, Hinge, and where you have to choose to identify as either male or female, One Good Crush allows you to pick from man, woman, transgender man, transgender woman, or queer.

2. It Works Like Tinder

Like Tinder, One Good Crush is location-based, connected through Facebook, and has users swipe right to indicate interest. If two people swipe on each other, they match and can start messaging.

3. The Focus Is On "Serious Dating And Real Relationships"

According to One Good Crush's website, those looking for low-key hookups should look elsewhere. However, with such a diverse group of people on the app, there's bound to be a variety of interpretations of what "serious" and "real" actually means.

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