7 Reasons To Wear A Smoky Eye In The Summer

I would be the first to admit that I am the girl who loves wearing smoky eye makeup in the summer. I honestly don't understand why rocking heavy makeup in the summer is something society feels like it can shame us for. Let's be real, who doesn't love a bomb highlight? That is what I live for, year round.

I just started wearing makeup two years ago but I can now proudly admit that I am officially a product addict. Most recently, I've been developing a deep love for the eyeshadow palette.

If you are a true makeup addict as well, you already know that eyeshadow can be a very fun experience. From mixing random shades together to learning how to perfectly blend, eye makeup can be one of the most fun parts of putting on your face. Because of this, I see absolutely nothing weird about wearing a smoky eye in the summer regardless of so-called makeup rules. People are always judging women (and sometimes men) on their beauty preferences. All those "you're wearing too much makeup" and "isn't your face melting off in the heat" comments deserve nothing more than a smoky eye roll.

Here are 7 reasons why you should wear a smoky eye in the summer, plus how to pull it off.

1. You Get To Use New (Or Old) Makeup Products

The Internet has been buzzing about this new smoky eye palette by Urban Decay (which is heaven on Earth, btw) that came out in April. Clearly, makeup brands are grasping the idea of rocking dark eye makeup in the warmer months. It's like a smoky eye lover's dream come true!

2. You Can Wear It With A Nude Lip

You can never go wrong with a smoky eye. Also, you can never go wrong with a nude lip. Pair these two makeup combinations together for the ultimate neutral-meets-edgy look. I promise it's not too much for daytime!

3. Or With A Dark Lip

Honestly, the options are simply endless when it comes to the lip colors you can pair with a smoky eye. If you're feeling like a rebel, donning a dark, berry lip would be perfect for you. Usually people save their dark lip colors for the fall or winter — but who wants to fit in with the crowd?!

4. You Can Throw Some Glitter On It

If your goal is to have your eyes shining bright like a diamond, consider adding a dark glittery eyeshadow on top of your smoked eye look. I mean, who doesn't love sparkle?

5. You Can Try Gray Tones Too

Don't worry darling! You do not need to fully commit to a black-out look if you do not want to. If you are a little skeptical of wearing a smoky eye in the summer, you can opt for a dark, cool gray eye look to ease into it. It looks great with pastels and florals!

6. Or You Can Even Try A Colorful Smoky Eye

If you're a bold gal (or guy), a rainbow smoky eye look is something you should try. From dark purple to dark green, there are various color shades that would be stunning to test out this summer. I mean, a regular smokey eye is fun but a dark purple smoky eye is even more arresting.

7. You Can Wear Whatever Kind Of Makeup You Want

In the end, we should be able to wear whatever kind of makeup we want, whenever we want to wear it. There should be rules to when we should be able to wear a certain makeup look. If you want to rock a neutral eye look, do that. If you want to strut the streets wearing a smokey eye, do that. Do whatever you want, ladies!

Images: @aaliyahjay/Instagram; Getty Images