The 11 Sappiest Lines From 'Before We Go'

by Rachel Semigran

Before things get rolling here, I would like to acknowledge that I, Rachel Semigran, own and enjoy many romantic films. Sometimes I am in the mood to watch Reese Witherspoon do what Reese Witherspoon does best and sometimes I feel like hitting the "off" switch on my brain and vegging out to some Nicholas Sparks flick that involves time travel and a lake house. That being said, the trailer for Before We Go , Chris Evans' directorial debut was just released and it's a full-blown cheese fest. The romantic drama tells the story of two people who meet in Grand Central station — one, a trumpet player, the other a wayward traveler — and it chronicles their one, perfect night together.

The plot sounds eerily close to the premise of Richard Linklater's masterpiece Before Sunrise, except Paris is replaced by New York and a writer is replaced by a musician. Heck, even the titles sound similar. Though I get the sneaking that's as far as the similarities go. Everything from the twinkle lighting to the flowery dialogue tells you that this one may give audiences unrealistic expectations about how easy it is to meet someone in New York City.

Ladies and germs, strap yourselves in to watch Captain America charm the pants off (likely) Alice Eve and enjoy the sappiest lines from this utterly sappy movie:

  1. "I feel that we met in Grand Central for a reason. We were meant to find each other."
  2. "You can't help me."
  3. "If we can find your purse, we can get you home, and make me a hero."[Embed]
  4. "Wanna come with me and have a little adventure?"
  5. "You can come back to whatever you were doing before I came along and ruined your night!"
  6. "I like your shiny trumpet,"... "Bought it with a shiny engagement ring."[Embed]
  7. "What we need is a time machine."
  8. "Have you ever had a feeling that someone was going to play a major part in your life?"
  9. "It's possible that you could meet somebody that's perfect for you, even though you're committed to somebody else."[Embed]
  10. "We love what we love. Sucks."
  11. "How can one of the worst nights of my life also be the best?"

See the whole trailer here:

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