The 'Men Tell All' Attacked Clint & JJ

In the vein of Matt and Ben, George and Brad, and Jason and Will, JJ and Clint had quite the epic bromance on this season of The Bachelorette . Well, at least they did for a few episodes before it all went sour. Worth nothing, too, is that the producers of The Bachelorette tried to play off JJ and Clint’s affections for each other as an actual romance — two men who find love not with the Bachelorette but with their best friend instead — making a mockery of actual male-on-male relationships. Gross. Even though they fought before Clint was sent home, on The Bachelorette: Men Tell All, Clint and JJ stuck up for each other — even with the rest of the house on their back.

Originally, their demise began when Clint started postulating about not having enough time with Kaitlyn and basically started badmouthing her behind her back. She, of course, got wind of it, and confronted him on it (because she gets things done instead of just sitting around). Clint didn’t react well to her conversation, so when he carried on like a little baby, Kaitlyn ditched Clint. Clint, angry and heartbroken, went to JJ hoping to find some support, and, man, JJ was cold. He was all “I don’t know that guy I’ve never seen him sorry gotta go.” (Not really, but you know what I mean.) Dumped by your girl and your best dude in the same night — tough break for Clint. So how did it go on the Men Tell All between these former besties?

Well, the promos about an epic showdown sure lied, because it seemed like Clint and JJ got more flack from the other contestants than they had beef between themselves. JJ admitted that he shouldn't have thrown Clint under the bus, and that was really it — the two pals are still pals.

But, the other guys weren't so thrilled. Cupcake Chris said that JJ and Clint "intentionally secluded" themselves, while Corey talked about how they were in the hot tub together the whole time during filming. Joshua said, "They feed off each other," as if that was a bad thing. JJ and Clint defended their friendship, saying that they found each other interesting and chose to spend time together. Why did they have to hang out with everyone else? Read: THEY DIDN'T. Why does everyone hate them? It really makes no sense. I think the other guys were just jealous, y'all.

Even though JJ and Clint didn't find love on The Bachelorette, at least they have each other, right?

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