Who Would 'PLL' Characters Be As Disney Cartoons?

by Kaitlin Reilly

If you are a diehard Pretty Little Liars fan, then you're probably going just a bit crazy right now. After all, we're mere episodes away from the show's biggest reveal yet and unmasking the elusive A. It might make you wonder just what we're supposed to do once the series drops that major truth bomb on us: what else will there be to know? Luckily, we're not just watching Pretty Little Liars for the ultimate mystery — we're also watching it for the series' beloved characters. Pretty Little Liars will eventually come to an end (sob!) and when it does, it's Spencer, Hanna, Aria, Emily, and the rest of their crew who we'll miss the most.

The liars, their "bed buddies," and the rest of the Rosewood gang have become iconic characters in their own right, so it seems only fitting that we compare them to some other characters that meant the world to us growing up. The liars all have counterparts from another side of the Disney Corporation family — the animated movies we loved growing up. Each one of these Rosewood residents has an animated character that they are most like, but which characters are which? Here's a guide to the Disney characters that remind us a ton of our friends on PLL. And for more on everyone's favorite Liars, check out Bustle's PLL podcast below.


This brainiac shares a love of learning (not to mention a sometimes unhealthy sense of curiosity) with this Disney princess...

Belle from Beauty and the Beast knows no fear — she'd totally help Spencer track down A, even if it meant spending some time in that awful dollhouse. (What, like she's never been held prisoner before?!) Like Spencer, Belle tries to see the good in people, even if Toby wasn't nearly as scary as the Beast was at the beginning of their love story.


This fiercely independent blonde knows how to get things done, even if she's not always the most graceful about it — just like this Disney character.

Frozen's Anna marches to the beat of her own drummer, even if she does look like a princess on the outside. Just like Hanna, Anna doesn't rely on her love interest to help save the day — they may be along for the ride, but it's the ladies who drive their own story. Plus, they both have a serious weak spot for the finer things in life, like cupcakes, chocolate, and cheese puffs.


Like this Disney character, Emily has experienced significant loss and if often considered the peacemaker of her friends.

Like Pocahontas, Emily is an introvert, but when she does use her voice to stand up for what is right it's pretty powerful. At the beginning of Pretty Little Liars, Emily often feels caught between two paths: the path that her parents carved out for her and one where she could follow her own bliss. Like Pocahontas, Emily has learned to finally go after what she wants, even if not everyone agrees with her decision. She's also not afraid to take chances on people (like Sara) when other people won't — just like Pocahontas wasn't on John Smith.


Aria could probably relate a lot to this character, especially in the romance department.

Like Ariel, Aria isn't exactly "rebellious" in the traditional sense, but she also doesn't like to feel fenced in. She wants what she wants and will fight for it, whether it be a relationship with Ezra or a slot in the freshman class of her dream college. Sometimes that gets Aria into hot water with her parents, but as with Ariel, they eventually come around.

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