'The Royals' Alexandra Park Shares Spoilers

The Royals, E!'s scripted series about an alternate version of the English monarchy, has successfully been renewed for a second season that's on its way incredibly soon — E!'s site says the show "returns in November," which means the cast and crew have been back on location filming additional episodes and teasing the audience with glimpses of new scenes. Perhaps you've been wondering what Alexandra Park, Princess Eleanor on The Royals, has been up to. Well, if you check out her social media, you'll find that the answer will probably make you jealous — that is if her hanging out with Jasper IRL and being a cool, jet-setting actress will make you jealous. But, if you want to know all the spoilers for Season 2 of The Royals, her social media is a good place to go. So, feel free to live vicariously through Park's Instagram and Twitter.

And, fortunately, the second season looks like it has a lot to do with Princess Eleanor (there can never be too much of the show's most irresponsibly fun character), even if Alexandra's online presence paints a mysterious picture of what the youngest royal will be doing when the show returns this fall.

Filming Lots Of Scenes With Elizabeth Hurley, The Former Queen

And, it looks like the former queen is wearing a crown behind the scenes... so could that mean that the disgraced royals get some of their power back in Season 2?

Drinking A Ton Of Green Juice

And, in her regular life, looks like Park is enjoying the perks of fame: Free cold-pressed juice!

Taking Part In A Dapper Family Reunion

Looks like a trip to some stables will be in order next season as well. Glad to see Eleanor has kept her trademark all-black everything with extra eyeliner.

Appreciating True Detective Season 2

Now, some think HBO's anthology series is suffering from a sophomore slump (can't say I disagree). Maybe Park is just genuinely loving the season, maybe it's just the unspoken code of TV stars with second seasons coming up.

Hanging Out With Jasper

While I love Tom Austen's chemistry with Park, his character made some bad choices in Season 1. Let's hope they're able to repair that relationship in Season 2 — so it can finally be a partnership, not some strange sexual blackmail relationship.

Getting An Awesome Pair Of Custom Nikes

I deeply enjoy these red and black sneakers.

Hanging Out With A Different Jasper

Now this Jasper is not problematic at all! This is just a glimpse at what Princess Eleanor will get up to in Season 2 of The Royals, but, if this is any indication, there's more of the great stuff seen in Season 1... and Alexandra Park is currently living the coolest life ever.

Images: Paul Blundell/E! Entertainment