'Royals' Actors Tom Austen & Alexandra Park Are BFFs IRL & Here's How You & Your Friends Can Capture Jaspenor's Spirit

With The Royals on E! on hiatus until Nov., fans of the show can only theorize what will go down in Season 2 — just like the fandom can only theorize if Tom Austen and Alexandra Park, who play Jasper and Eleanor on The Royals , are dating in real-life. It seems the adorable duo are most likely just friends, and based on their Instagram accounts, the friendship of Tom Austen and Alexandra Park is something to emulate. Although these two actors may have more flexibility in the plans they can make together than some other BFFs (you know, because they are on a successful TV show), they can still inspire BFFs around the world.

While the Jaspenor (Jealenor?) 'ship is still sailing hard (especially since Eleanor and Jasper reunited in the season finale), IRL Park seems to be dating Luke Cheadle. And, despite Austen posting photos of him alongside super attractive women (costars Park, Hatty Preston, and Merritt Patterson, plus Heida Reed and Natasha Loring), Internet sleuthing seems to point to Austen being a single man.

Whether or not Park and Austen are dating, the pair are pretty much always cute offscreen as real life best friends. (Thanks goodness, since it would be really unhealthy if they shared the same dysfunctional relationship that their characters have onscreen.) So, while you wait for The Royals to return to E! for Season 2 in Nov., grab your best friend and do these seven things that are approved by Austen and Park themselves.

1. Throw A Friendship Parade

For Park's birthday in May, Austen posted this photo with the genius idea of taking over New York City for a day to throw "some sort of parade with a different float for every year" of Park's life. Although taking over NYC is a tad ambitious, maybe you can throw a mini-parade for your BFF's birthday on the street where you live. Sure, it may not be as grand in scale as the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, but your friend would still be amazed. (And now I really want a float for every year of my life.)

2. Be Tourists For A Day

While Park has filmed The Royals in London and portrays the (maybe? probably?) Princess of England, she's not native to the UK. (Park is actually Australian.) Since Park considers Austen to be a "Local London legend," I imagine that Austen showed his out-of-towner friend the sites of the great city of London. If you and your BFF come from different lands (like Austen and Park), take your friend on a touristy date of your hometown. And, even if you and your friend are from the same town or city, spend a day doing all the things you'd show off to a person not from there.

3. Acknowledge Each Other's Baller Status

Austen called Park a "number one Lady Baller" and you should think your best friend is a baller too. (Why else are you two friends?) So take a page out of Austen's book and make sure you recognize the epic coolness your friend possesses.

4. Get A Billboard Of Your BFF

Alright, Austen was not responsible for putting up this The Royals bus advertisement in New York City, but imagine the joy your friend would have if you put up a billboard of them. Think Jason Segel from I Love You, Man — just on a smaller budget. Then make sure to kiss it, fist bump it, hug it, etc. every time you pass by with your friend. I guarantee your BFF will love it (and you) unconditionally. (Well, unless your BFF is super shy. Then scratch this plan.)

5. Hit The Amusement Park

You've got until Nov. to see what happens to Jasper and Eleanor (and the rest of the gang from The Royals), so spend a summer weekend at an amusement park with your BFF in the meantime. Just take your roller coaster selfies with caution.

6. Host A Costume Party

Costumes are not just for Halloween (although a Halloween party would pair nicely with the return of The Royals). Park posted this photo, but based on Austen's Instragram account, the actor completely supports dressing up in costumes whenever. Nothing brings people together like ridiculously dressing up, and you and your best friend could be the hosts of the hottest costume party around. Matching best friend costumes optional. (OK, required.)

7. Be On A TV Show Together

This goal may be slightly less achievable than the others, but if you really want to channel the awesomeness that is Park and Austen's friendship, you and your best friend should start pitching some pilots to make this happen ASAP. Good luck!