Where Is 'The Hills' Star Frankie Delgado Today?

by Daniela Cabrera

Way back when, in 2006, MTV aired a show that would stay in our collective memories forever: The Hills. The show followed Lauren Conrad as she pursued her fashion dreams in Los Angeles and spawned countless GIFable moments and epic makeups and breakups. I mean, will we ever forget Audrina Patridge and her complicated relationship with perfectly coiffed Justin "Wear My Boots To The Beach" Bobby or Lo Bosworth's sarcastic one-liners? I doubt it, especially because many of the main cast members are still out there doing their thing and keeping their millions of social media fans happy. But what about those lesser known cast members? What ever happened to The Hills ' Frankie Delgado, who was introduced to us as Lauren Conrad and Brody Jenner's friend?

Delgado started appearing on The Hills during Season 3. What I remember most about him is that he was a party animal and worked as a promoter. So, now that a few years have passed since the show ended in 2010, what's he up to? Well, his name might not be as well known as his best friend Brody Jenner's, but Delgado is still doing his thing in Hollywood.

Aside from making random appearances on The Hills, usually escorting the squad to some crazy party, Delgado has also made a few cameos on some other reality shows. Being that he is Brody Jenner's BFF, he appeared on earlier seasons of Keeping Up With The Kardashians and is listed on IMDb as Jenner's talent manager. Who knew! After his random stints on KUWTK, Delgado joined Jenner on the ill-fated series, Bromance, in which men competed to be a part of Jenner's Hollywood clique. Sounds enticing, doesn't it? Didn't think so.

While his reality show career was simmering along, Delgado eventually settled down a bit in the playboy department and married his longtime girlfriend, Jennifer Acosta, in 2013. The wedding was attended by Hills cast mates, Lauren Conrad and Jenner, of course. In May 2014, the couple welcomed a baby girl, Isabella Amalia, who joined Kristin Cavallari's children in the ranks of The Hills offspring. Delgado has become quite the family man, and most of his Instagram posts are photos of his adorable daughter and wife.

On the work front, it seems like he is still a big part of Los Angeles and Las Vegas nightlife. In an interview with AskMen, Delgado talked about working with The Alliance, one of L.A.'s biggest promotional groups. He works a lot with Hyde Sunset restaurant and said of his job, "I don't want someone that walks in my place and is trying to get a picture with someone that’s famous. I want people to feel comfortable inside our place. I want people that get it, people that can understand that they might be sitting next to a movie star, a rock star or a sports star."

While he started out on reality shows, Delgado has also tried out acting in the time since The Hills ended. In 2014, he got his first acting job in Tumbleweed: A True Story, which doesn't sound like the most promising part, but it was a start. He is currently filming a drama, Stars Are Already Dead , so if you want to see more Delgado, keep a look out.

Although he's busy doing his promoting thing and his acting thing, back in March, Hills fans got a treat when some of the boys from the show reunited for a night out on the town. Guess some things never change.