8 Creative Pro-Choice Tattoos

There are so many ways to be an inclusive, intersectional feminist, and there's no "correct" way to show your support for feminism. Maybe you've participated in marches to end rape culture, joined a protest to raise the minimum wage, or uplifted other women through your words and actions (everyone should be doing the latter). Or maybe you've gotten a women's rights tattoo, which is a long-lasting way to show your support. One even more specific way to do this is getting tattoos that support reproductive rights and a woman's right to choose what's best for her and her body.

Across the country, this year has seen increased restrictions on access to reproductive health care and abortion, with legislators buckling down on abortion clinics, and employers refusing to provide birth control as part of their employees' health care. On top of that, the 2016 presidential candidates are gearing up for the primaries and election season, so abortion is — quite absurdly — an even bigger point of contention than it usually is. So, if you have ever even remotely considered getting a tattoo and you are passionate about reproductive justice, then any one of these incredible, beautiful tattoos might be a good option for you.

Classic Pro-Choice Tattoo

Supporting Safe Abortion Access

This one comes off strong, but as this Instagram user says, pro-choice doesn't obligate you or anyone to get an abortion. Opening up safe and healthy access would enable all women to make that choice for themselves.

Hands Off My Uterus

Body positivity manifests itself in all sorts of ways, as does support for reproductive health. This is just one magnificent example.

And another beautiful one.

People get really creative — and realistic — which is great. We shouldn't be ashamed of any part of our bodies.

Vagina Positivity

A vagina tattoo like this one can be a great way to show support for feminism being about having the right to choose what you do and don't do with your vagina.

Life Is About Choices

This isn't necessarily a pro-choice tattoo, but it could be. Women have agency, just like anyone else, and should be able to make their own choices when it comes to their bodies, without external interference.

Don't Lose Hope

If you come across any misogynistic folks who try to get you down by saying that abortion shouldn't be legal, or that companies should be allowed to deny their employees health care on the basis of their religious beliefs — there is always hope. Just know that you have a whole horde of feminists who support you and your choices!

Image: erkantattooart/Instagram