Britney's "Broken Heart" Bucket Hat Is Everything

Sometimes I run. Sometimes I hide. Sometimes I try to learn the choreography from the "Sometimes" music video. And sometimes I spend my free time watching other Britney Spears music videos, such as 1999's "From The Bottom Of My Broken Heart". Is the music video for the final single off of ...Baby One More Time the most thrilling music video you'll ever put in your eyes? Erm, no. No, it's not. But what "From The Bottom Of My Broken Heart" lacks in red latex catsuits and choreography at 30 thousand feet, it makes up for in sunflowers and cozy bucket hats. And questions. Woo-wee, do I have some questions for this music video.

Before I dig into the questions, let's bring everyone up to speed with a quick summary of the “From The Bottom Of My Broken Heart” music video: A young woman (Spears) prepares to leave her hometown of Cedar Springs. She packs up her childhood bedroom, hugs her family goodbye, thinks about that one time she sat on a water tower with her boyfriend, thinks about that one time she snuck onto the high school football field with her boyfriend, and breaks up with her boyfriend. Oh, and there are 10 million sunflowers.

Anyway, on with the questions!

What's with all of the sunflowers?


Cedar Springs? More like Sunflower Avalanche, am I right? (Please be sure to tip your bartender on the way out.)

If I learned anything from The Great Gatsby, it's that a recurring motif is packed with meaning. SO WHAT DO THE SUNFLOWERS MEEEEEEEAN? According to Ask.com, sunflowers can represent "faith, happiness, hope and unity and commemorate third anniversaries." Oh. OK. So this video is one big tribute to third anniversaries? Neat-o.

Why would she ever want to hop on a bus and leave this magical land of sunflowers?

She lives in a land that's 99% sunflower! So lucky! I've only seen sunflowers in the wild once. I hope she doesn't take Sunflower Avalanche for granted.

You will never admire a sunflower in the night sky again. Once you've left Cedar Springs, you'll be stuck looking at stars.

What is this orb thing?

Back in the early aughts, my friend had an alarm clock that sort of looked like that orb, so that's what I'm going to run with. I guess that means Brit Brit is using up limited suitcase space on a bulky alarm clock? I can get behind that. What a practical choice! After all, no one likes a Tardy Tammy.

What's this random butterfly's deal?

Did you see the flash of light and the enormous butterfly and want to know what it all means? Sorry, but I can't help you with that one. I do not understand the random butterfly, and I probably never will.

Where can I find a nubby bucket hat like this?

I need it.

Where can I find a peasant top like this?

I need it.

Why don't I own any purple eyeshadow?

I. Need. It.

Images: BritneySpearsVEVO/YouTube (11); Kristie Rohwedder/Bustle (5)