The 'Secrets And Wives' Cast Is Ageless

On one of the recent episodes of Secrets and Wives, we saw Cori throw a big bash with her husband to celebrate the couple's 20th wedding anniversary. However, the Goldfarbs didn't organize a quiet, intimate dinner to celebrate their long marriage. Oh no. It was a full-on rager at an event hall that looked more like a nightclub, complete with lots of drinking and dancing the night away. That got me thinking: How old is the Secrets and Wives cast?

Like all of the Real Housewives that have come before them, the ladies of Secrets and Wives don't act like your typical middle-aged women. Well, at least the tame, go-to-bed-at-nine-thirty lifestyles that twentysomethings like me think most middle-aged women lead. Instead, these women party, wear short skirts, and have enough drama to rival any millennial out there today.

Since many of these women have adult-aged children, have been divorced for years, and have fabulous-yet-mature looks, I would guess that these women are somewhere in their 30s or 40s or 50s, but is that really the case? As the stereotype of women of a certain age goes, the ladies of Secrets and Wives aren't all exactly telling. Cori told Newsday before the show's premiere that the cast members are "thirrrrty ... something," which isn't really helpful, but hey, it's a start. Let's see if we can get to the bottom of the age-old secret of the Secrets and Wives cast.

Cori Goldfarb

Since Cori seems especially reluctant to share her age, she's a good place to start. Cori hasn't publicly revealed her age, but we do know that she's been married for about 20 years now, which likely makes her at least 40 years old. This ActiveResults page from 2004 also lists a Cori Goldfarb running in the Potatohampton 10K race in Bridgehampton, N.Y. as a 36-year-old. It's unclear if this is the same Cori Goldfarb as the one on Secrets and Wives, but she did used to live in the Hamptons, and this Cori Goldfarb is listed as hailing from Watermill [sic], New York, which is in the Hamptons. If this is the same Cori, that would make her about 47 years old today. But, all in all, the only number that really matters to her is having another 20 years with her husband Sandy. Aww.

Susan Doneson

New York Post reports that Susan is 48 years old, because she straight up told them that. Susan is so down-to-earth and up-front with everything, from showing lots of pride for her job to strongly defending her husband Jonathan. I'm totally not surprised that she would be so up front about her age, too. You tell 'em, Sue.

Liza Sandler

Liza is loud most of the time, but she's keeping quiet about her age. Since all of the Secrets and Wives ladies are contemporaries, she's probably in her 40s like Susan.

There is a New York Times article from 2002 that describes a 35 year old Liza Sandler who served as an extra for an episode of Sex and the City filmed in East Hills, New York, which is on the North Shore of Long Island, so it's entirely possible that is the same Liza. If it is, that would make her about 48 years old today. However, there's no way of knowing for sure if that is in fact the same Liza in the article. But, judging from the fact that Liza is going to throw one final incredible party to say goodbye to her home during Tuesday night's episode, which will include her dressing up in edible food and getting lap dances, I'd say she definitely knows how to live like Samantha Jones, whether or not she actually did end up in a Sex and the City episode.

Amy Miller

Amy is 49 years old, according to an article published in Newsday in May. However, Amy's ever-present enthusiasm and eerily young looks makes her seem like she's at least 10 years younger.

Andi Black

With three marriages, three divorces, and three children under her belt, Andi has lived a life. But, it's unclear how long that life has actually been because she won't publicly divulge her age. However, Andi did tell Long Island Weekly in May, “You don’t die at 50; you really continue living,” which makes me think she's at least 50 years old to have said that.

More specifically, Andi may be around 52 years old. Andi has said that she got married when she was 18 years old to the lead singer of Jay and the Americans. In a 1994 New York Times article, Jay said that he got married to his third wife when she was 18 and he was 43. Jay was 56 at the time of that interview, which would have put Andi at about 31 years old that same year, which means she would be about 52 years old today. Again, it's unclear if Jay was definitely talking about Andi there, but all of the details do align. But, the exuberant laugh Andi lets out on Secrets and Wives shows that she continues to love life no matter what age she is.

Gail Greenberg

Gail's age is another mystery. However, she's probably around the same age as the other Secrets and Wives cast members. But, really, Gail works out so much and eats so healthily, I wouldn't be surprised if she lived forever.

Still, no matter how old these ladies really are, their fun antics on Secrets and Wives are always entertaining, and they prove that age doesn't mean anything when it comes to knowing how to have a good time.

Images: Barbara Nitke/Bravo (7)