7 Celebrities Who Love Strobing

A new beauty trend is on the block, and it's practically blinding us in angelic white light. Strobing is the makeup trend that takes highlighting to another level, and we found a bunch of celebrities who've embraced strobing as a way of life. Sorry, contouring, you've had your fun. It's time to share the beauty spotlight.

Strobing has a bit of a shady (heh) definition: either you believe it's extreme highlighting with the absence of contouring, or just extreme lighting with contouring. Most tutorials suggest the former, and pairing a blush and highlighter together for cheeks to die for. Strobing also suggests highlighting your forehead, the bridge of your nose, your cupid's bow, and your chin in addition to the tops of your cheek bones. That's a lot of shine, folks. If you're naturally oily, highlighting your T-zone and all areas of your face may not be ideal, but don't let that stop you from figuring out how to embrace this new trend.

The idea is to create angelic light where the light naturally hits your face. It's a youthful and dewy look, and far less dramatic (and controversial) than the contouring technique. Plus, it cuts bronzing and contouring from your makeup routine, saving you time and money. Booyah.

If you're hesitant to jump on this makeup train, I rounded up seven celebrities to serve as your inspiration. They're all rocking different skin tones, types, and textures, but strobing still to the max.

1. Kendall Jenner

Not a contour to be found. Smellyalata, Kim.

2. Gisele Bundchen

She looks even more bronze with all the light hitting her face. Is she an angel!?

3. Beyonce

This strobing example would have been taken to an extreme if she had decided to highlight her cleavage...and believe me, she wouldn't be the first. Do you, ladies.

4. Taylor Swift

She's been known to have a penchant for glitter.

5. Gigi Hadid

No matter what your face shape, strobing can not just be complimentary, but downright gorgeous.

6. Katy Perry

That chin is shining like a beacon in the night, y'all. She's killing it.

7. Chrissy Teigen

Just a little blush and some extreme highlight. Bow down.

So regular contouring may be on its way out, but what about clown contouring? Watch ladies try it right here (and subscribe to Bustle's YouTube for more hilarious videos!):

Image: @mehronmakeup, @brunasoaresmake, @beyonce, @taylorswift, @gigihadid, @katyperry, @chrissyteigen/Instagram