You're Making These Common Conditioner Mistakes

by Jessica Willingham

While hair trends, like pixie cuts and lobs, are definitely making a statement right now, the truth is this: whether you have a gorgeous pixie or show stopping, down-to-there locks, nothing will look cute if your hair is unhealthy. Nourishing, treating, and taking care of your hair is of the utmost importance no matter what style you're rocking, which is why you need to know the common conditioner mistakes you're making and how to avoid them.

Unless you've been born with superhuman, Disney princess hair, you're probably using some type of conditioning treatment in your hair routine. Proper conditioning can increase moisture, minimize breakage, aid in growth, and thicken your strands. But it's a fine line: overusing, misusing, or skipping conditioner altogether can leave your hair thirsty, brittle, and totally unmanageable.

If you're color treating your hair, regular conditioning is even more important. You should be treating your hair with a conditioner a couple times a week, but not every single day. Below, see what common mistakes people are making with conditioner and what you should be doing instead.

1. Conditioning Too Often

Over washing and conditioning your hair is a huge no-no: it may even make your dry, brittle hair even worse. It will strip essential oils, so take a break from conditioning if your hair is truly dying for moisture.

2. Conditioning Too Much

Using too much product in one washing can cause damage, too. The more you use, the harder it will be to wash out. Leaving even just a tiny bit of residual product will weigh your hair down.

3. Conditioning In The Wrong Place

We have split ends for a reason: the end of your strands are naturally dryer. Focus conditioning and treating the ends of your hair, instead of lathering conditioner all over your scalp, which will leave a oily film.

4. Conditioning Last

In tip #2, we mentioned that leaving any conditioner residue in your hair can result in oily, filmy, and weighed down strands. Most of us condition after shampooing our hair, but reversing your ritual can give you all the benefits of conditioning without the ugly side affects.

5. Using Cold Conditioner

Let the conditioner bottle warm up underneath your shower stream. This technique will increase its effectiveness and absorption. The ideal temperature is 95 degrees, and we recommend heating it up under water instead of in your microwave.

Images: Fancycrave1/Pixabay; Fotolia (1, 2)