Is Semen Really Good For Your Skin? 6 Things You Didn't Know You Could Do With Sperm

Though sperm is often associated with having sex, spitting and swallowing, and making babies, there are so many other ways it can be used beyond what goes on in the bedroom. Actually, there are a ton of sperm uses — for your health, mind and well-being, and even your cooking — that you probably never even thought were possible. While it's up to you how (and if) you enjoy sperm, there are a lot of people out there testing out what these little tadpole-shaped guys are capable of, and it's pretty freaking mind-blowing.

There are a lot of things a guy can do to spruce up his sperm (so to speak!), from frequent exercise (he'll create more), eating certain foods (eat fruit versus asparagus, for instance, and their partner will probably be more likely to want to swallow), to enjoying more nuts. Nuts make nuts healthier, it seems. How meta.

There's even evidence that a sperm facial can do everything from improving your smile to making your skin look younger and feel softer. Take a look below at some of the pretty bizarre things you never knew you could do with sperm. And yeah, I bet male scientists were thrilled to share this news.

1. It Prevents Tooth Decay


Semen doesn't just contain sperm, but also vitamins like zinc and calcium, and it may help prevent tooth decay. Of course, it's probably a good idea to continue using toothpaste...

2. It Prevents Wrinkles


Nip/Tuck was just one TV show of many that had a episode about the discover that a sperm "facial" is actually incredibly good for your skin. Spermine, found in sperm, can do everything from soften skin to help prevent wrinkles. In fact, there's spas, like Graceful Services in New York, where you can get a spermine facial right now if you are so inclined.

3. It Can Be Used As Invisible Ink


Secret agent sperm man! Or something. But during World War I, the British Secret Intelligence Service (MI6) discovered semen could also work as invisible ink. Apparently, their motto was "Every man has his own stylo!" Clever.

4. It Prevents Morning Sickness


According to Gordon Gallup, a psychologist at SUNY-Albany, swallowing sperm during pregnancy, cures morning sickness. Why? He says that the father’s semen can build up a tolerance to what’s already in the woman's body.

5. It's An Anti-Depressant


Sex may improve your mood, but it may do even more than that. In a 2011 survey of 293 women at State University of New York, evolutionary psychologists discovered that vaginal exposure to semen made women less likely to be depressed.

6. You Can Cook With It


There's a book by Fotie Photenhauer called Natural Harvest, that is a collection of sperm-based cooking. Recipes include Irish Coffee with Extra Cream. OK...I see what you did there!

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7. You Can Fight Fire With It


Who knew that sperm was a healthier alternative to the products currently being used as flame-retardants? Fish sperm, that is. Through a series of tests earlier this year, researchers at the Polytechnic University of Turn in Italy found that sperm from fish has a DNA that doesn't burn in fire.

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