Possible 'Bachelor' Ben H. Is Absolutely Adorable

The finale of The Bachelorette is right around the corner and while audiences are wondering what man Kaitlyn Bristowe will choose in the end, I am more preoccupied with what man ABC will choose as the next bachelor. Now, if you have been paying any attention this season then you know there are some pretty slim pickings in terms of eligible men. Sure, Jared and Chris "Cupcake" are cute and all, but they just do not scream "Bachelor material," in my opinion. No, when it comes to single cuties no one can hold a candle to potential new Bachelor Ben Higgins, because he is absolutely adorable.

From the start of the season, audiences have been captivated by Higgins' toothy smile and tailored suits, but there are so many more reasons he is swoon worthy. Even though he is one of the youngest contestants on the show, he makes up for it with a great sense of maturity in all situations. Which is probably one of the reasons he made it all the way to the final three. While we will probably have to wait a while to get the final details on the next season of The Bachelor here are a few moments Ben H. absolutely stole our hearts with his sweetness.

1. When He Played Hide & Seek Like A Little Kid

Sure, he is mature for his age, but he still knows how to have fun. If this clip of Kaitlyn and him playing hide and seek in a castle did not make you smile, then you might want to check your pulse.

2. When He Embraced Sweater Weather

Seriously, something about a guy in a sweater is just really attractive to me. And Higgins basically looks like he just stepped out of a J. Crew ad during his time in Ireland, especially with the addition of that horse.

3. His Bromance With Shawn, In General

Nothing like a good ole bromance. Even though they were vying for the same girl's attention at one point in time, you can tell that they are really close friends now.

4. When His Romantic Kiss Made Kaitlyn Squeal

Not only is he super adorable talking about working with kids, but what about that kiss? Pretty sure at that moment, we were all falling for him right along with Kaitlyn.

5. When He Expressed His Feelings With Maturity

What can I say? The man has a way with words. Even with a difficult subject, Higgins handles the whole situation with grace.

6. When He Gracefully Bowed Out

Even though he was not chosen as one of the final two men, he still acted super polite towards Kaitlyn, holding her hand and listening to what she had to say. He even told her she looked pretty as he got ready to get in the car. Aw!

7. When He Defended Kaitlyn At Men Tell All

So she may not have been the girl for him, but that didn't stop him for sticking up for her against Corey. I know I cheered as he defended Kaitlyn's honor during the "Men Tell All" episode.

And if all this can't get him a shot at the Bachelor, nothing will.

Image: Rick Rowell/ABC