13 Fashion Items For People Who <3 To Bake

Baking is a great way to relax, get your creative juices flowing, and it almost always ends with tasty treats. You may wonder what to wear while performing this glorious task, well fear no more fellow sugar addicts, here you will find a selection of baking inspired fashion fit for a kitchen novice and a piping queen alike. Baking has become an increasingly fashionable pastime most likely due to reality TV series such as the UK's The Great British Bake Off (TGBBO) where aspiring master bakers battle it out with rolling pins for weapons (not literally thank goodness,) and U.S. series Ace of Cakes which follows the daily goings on of a hugely popular custom cake shop in Baltimore. There's something really addictive about watching people's soufflés deflate while you look on in pity from your living room shaking your head.

Instagram and Pinterest have aided the rise of the everyday baker, with their feeds full of scrumptious desserts, it's hard not to feel inspired to pick up your wooden spoon and rustle up something yummy. Cupcakes appear to be the glamorous cake of choice; they are devoured easily in a few mouthfuls, they come with a handy "plate" wrapper, and they can be customized to your heart's content. Cupcake shops and cupcake delivery companies appear to be popping up left, right, and center. If Max and Caroline of 2 Broke Girls can do it, then anyone can!

Baking and fashion go hand in hand; it appears they are continuously inspiring each other in a chicken and egg style fashion. So if you're an aspiring TGBBO contestant or you just adore doughnuts, then here's a selection of fashion for lovers of baked goods.

1. The Cupcake Cardigan

Have A Cupcake Cardigan, $24, Sourpuss

Look good enough to eat in this cute, cupcake cardigan. The icing on the cake is it's available in sizes S to 3X so we can all look scrummy.

2. The Rainbow Cake Panties

Rainbow Cake Panties, $48, Etsy

I don't know about you but one of my all time favorite cakes is rainbow layer cake — it's almost too beautiful to eat. Channel this colorful cake in these pretty knickers.

3. The Pound Cake Sweater

Cake By the Pound Sweatshirt, $34, Etsy

Have your cake themed clothing just the way you like it with this "Cake By The Pound" sweatshirt which is available in Ash Gray or Black, standard sweatshirt or cropped length, and from sizes S to 4XL.

4. The Cupcake Socks

Calli Cupcake Ankle Socks, $4, Boohoo

Sprinkle a bit of fun into your wardrobe with these super cute, cupcake ankle socks.

5. The Cake Pop Necklace

Scented Cake Pop Necklace, $28, Tiny Hands

Satisfy your sweet tooth with this lovely cake pop necklace which even smells like strawberry and chocolate cake.

6. The Sweet Treat Sunglasses

In Flavor Of These Sunglasses, $8, Modcloth

Show you're a fan of sweet treats with these darling, delicious–looking sunglasses.

7. The Doughnut Skirt

Yummy Donut Pink Cotton Plus Size Skirt, $45, Etsy

Look totally drool–worthy in this pretty, plus size doughnut skirt.

8. The Cookie Crossbody Bag

Aldo Cookie Crossbody, $45, ASOS

How insanely adorable is this cookie crossbody bag? Featuring a Chanel style chain strap, a sweet scalloped edge, and the words, "bite me." on the front, you're going to find this bag impossible to resist.

9. The Sweet Nail Stickers

Cupcake Nail Stickers, $4, Forever 21

Fancy a sweet manicure? It's easy as pie with these awesome cupcake themed nail stickers. There's no waiting for these cakes to be ready: just stick and go!

10. The Sassy Donut Hat

Donut Touch Me Watchman Beanie, $10, Hot Topic

This is for all the badass bakers out there. Add to a Clueless inspired outfit involving: a pair of pink, plaid trousers which balance on the line of punk and girly, a fitted sweater with lace detailing at the bottom, and finally a a pair of doughnut print sneakers — that's how to do classy sass. Don't forget your dark lipstick to show you're a fashionable baker who means business!

11. The Pumpkin Pie Ring

Scented Pumpkin Pie Ring, $23, Tiny Hands

Do you need a sugar rush without the crash? You'll be needing this perfect pumpkin pie ring. Just give it a whiff inhale a homemade pumpkin pie smell, featuring notes of vanilla and cinnamon.

12. The Doughnut Bikini

Doughnut Print Cut Out Longline Bikini Top, $23, ASOS | Doughnut Print Cut Out Side Bikini Pant, $17, ASOS

This underwired bikini will help you feel secure and confident as you stroll down the beach. Grab a real doughnut as a snack for a picture perfect moment.

13. The Sugary Sandals

Icing On The Cupcake Sandal, $35, Modcloth

Check out these majorly adorable cupcake sandals which are sure to brighten up your wardrobe. The cutest detail has to be the cherries on top of the cupcakes which are actually little hearts — too cute.

Have your cake and wear it this summer with finger licking fashion for budding bakers!

Images: Giphy (3); Courtesy Brands