52 Things That Bother 'PLL' Fans & Always Will

As much as I love Pretty Little Liars — and trust me, I love Pretty Little Liars to an obsessive level — there are a few things that bother me about it. They're not huge things, don't worry. It's not that I detest any specific character or that watching the show makes me cry out "ugh" very frequently. I'm instead talking about tiny, little things that have manifested over the past few years. Tiny, little things you might have forgotten about. Or, tiny, little things that are still very prominent in your mind, because even though they're so tiny and little, they bother the hell out of you. And as someone who has watched, and re-watched every single episode multiple times, I've compiled just a short list of things that will always bother me about Pretty Little Liars .

This may be surprising, but I'm not talking about the huge, overarching mystery. We, as a group of PLL fans, are just going to have to accept that Charles will be Charles, no matter what he does, or who he turns out to be in the end. Instead, this is a list of the smaller things on PLL that tend to gnaw at my brain. Because even Hanna looks at perfect Caleb sometimes and finds a flaw. And for more on Pretty Little Liars' craziest moments, check out Bustle's podcast, Taking This One To The Grave.

1. How are the Liars still in high school?

2. Doesn't it feel like they've been in high school for literally six years at this point?

3. Why do we never see them actually in school?

4. Does their school day start at 10:30 a.m.? Because that's the only way they have enough time to get up, get fabulously dressed, head over to another's house, discuss some A stuff, then head to the Brew for a cup of coffee, and then go to school.

5. Basically, how are the Liars so well put together so early in the morning?

6. Why are there no school buses in Rosewood?

7. Why do we never see it snow in Rosewood, except for that one Christmas episode?

8. They're in Pennsylvania, and I'm pretty sure that area gets cold, yet Emily is always wearing a tank top. Always.

9. Emily has to get cold.

10. When did the Liars find time to apply to college?

11. Who wrote their recommendation letters? And don't you dare say Mr. Fitz.

12. Where is Jenna right now, and is she going to graduate from high school? It feels like she's bounced around a lot, so I'm just wondering how her credits are going to transfer.

13. Same thing with Lucas.

14. What was the deal with Meredith? Remember, Byron's fling?

15. What ever happened to Hanna's fling, Travis?

16. Is Caleb ever going to directly address all that ghost stuff from Ravenswood?

17. How does Ravenswood fit into all of this? Feels like that was important that one time, and now it's just not.

18. And what about Mrs. Grunwald? She pulled Ali out of a dirt grave. With her bare hands.

19. Whatever happened to Eddie Lamb?

20. Can there be such a thing as too many red herrings?

21. Does Mrs. Marin have a college degree, and if so, what is it in? She changes jobs at least once a season.

22. So we're just never going to talk about Mrs. Marin and Jason hooking up again?

23. Are we also never going to talk about Hanna's stepsister, Kate, ever again either?

24. This I. Marlene King tweet:

25. Black Veil in general.

26. Why do none of the Liars ever take family vacations? Except for that one time Aria went to Iceland...

27. The young, hot detectives situation in Rosewood needs to be addressed, and also just wondering why there aren't any other young, hot, attractive detectives out there in my hometown.

28. How can Rosewood support an entire unit of detectives, when nothing happens there besides A shenanigans?

29. How is the whole town not terrified of the Liars?

30. How is everyone in their graduating class not terrified of the Liars?

31. Isn't it weird that the Hastings and DiLaurentis families stayed living next to each other, even after the affair, and Ali's disappearance?

32. Why don't the Hastings know anything about Charles?

33. Whatever happened to Spencer's extracurricular activities? Remember when she used to play field hockey?

34. How do the guys like Toby and Caleb get all this money to travel the world (literally), but do not appear to hold down a steady, consistent job?

35. Speaking of which, when did Caleb start a web design company, and also is he hiring?

36. Remember that one episode, where A came at the girls on the playground, and then there were a billion other As, all wearing black hoodies? How did A get all of those other minions to do that? Did he put up a listing on Craigslist?

37. Why are they always going back and forth to Philly? Also, how long does that trip take?

38. Charles' net worth.

39. Who was living in the DiLaurentis' basement?

40. CeCe Drake.

41. No, seriously, just everything about CeCe Drake is always going to bother me.

42. Remember that one time Paige tried to drown Emily in the pool, and then the two started dating? How??

43. Sydney and Shana.

44. Why was Adam Lambert's presence never fully addressed during the Halloween episode on the Ghost Train? Like, he was on American Idol, you guys.

45. Noel Kahn.

46. Are Andrew's muscles always bursting from his chest/arms?

47. You realize we have seen the inside of the Hasting's barn, like, once right? What secrets are they hiding in there?

48. Why haven't we seen Mrs. Fitz in basically years? Not even after Ezra got shot?

49. When the lake house burned down, shouldn't that have been more of like, I don't know, a huge issue?

50. Those masks. Everything about those creepy masks of the Liars (and Melissa).

51. Whatever happened to Tippi the Bird?

52. Sara Harvey.

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