8 Bizarre Moments From Donald Trump's Rally

Supporters got to welcome Donald Trump at his South Carolina campaign rally on Tuesday as the Republican businessman and Celebrity Apprentice star spoke in Bluffton, South Carolina, drifting around from one topic to another in a speech that lasted almost 45 minutes. He took the opportunity to explain his opinions on several key issues, blast his competitors, and squash the idea that he might pull out of the 2016 presidential race anytime soon. Although he has never been a conventional candidate, this Donald Trump rally was pretty insane, even by his standards.

At noon, Trump spoke at Magnolia Hall in Bluffton's Sun City Hilton Head, a community for older adults that lies between Savannah, Georgia, and Charleston, South Carolina. Trump was originally supposed to visit South Carolina on June 19 but rescheduled after the Charleston shooting on June 17, according to The Island Packet. He said at the time, "This is a time for healing, not politics."

Trump took special care in his speech to insult Senator Lindsey Graham, who hails from the southern state. Trump called Graham a "stiff" and expressed his anger that Graham called him a "jackass." This was not even close to the strangest thing that happened in this speech, but it wouldn't be a Trump campaign without a few gasps and eye rolls. Here are eight of the most bizarre moments from Trump's South Carolina rally.

When He Suggested A Ban On Teleprompters

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Trump began his speech by talking about his original candidacy announcement, saying he didn't use a teleprompter. He doesn't like them because they're too easy. "Maybe when you run for president, you shouldn't be allowed to use a teleprompter," he said. Judging by the nature of that speech and the backlash to follow, Trump's marketing team is probably wishing he'd stuck to the script.

When He Gave Out Lindsey Graham's Cell Number

For some reason, Trump read aloud Graham's cell phone number and said that Graham "doesn't seem as bright as Rick Perry." He got voicemail when he tried calling. t's probably safe to say that the public knows what Graham was talking about when he called Trump a "jackass."

When He Went On A Circling Rant

Trump started in on how Hillary Clinton and others don't like his tone. He said, "We have people getting their heads cut off, Christians in the Middle East. We have people that are being dunked in cages and drowned in the Middle East. We have border security that doesn't exist, and it's not because of our incredible border folks. They can do the job. We can build a wall. ... I love the Mexican people. I've had thousands of Mexicans working for me. ... They love me." This rant circled around, going from immigration to trade to random anecdotes to The Apprentice. Trump's speech was all over the place.

When He Bragged About His Wealth

Yes, Trump likes people to know that he's rich. He went a little overboard with this when talking about how people never expected him to file his financial information because they might assume he isn't as wealthy as he says he is. "Turns out, I'm much wealthier than people thought!" He threw in that his wealth is more than $10 billion and that he got $213 million for The Apprentice. He acted as if giving up The Apprentice was his volunteer work to "help you people straighten out this mess," perhaps forgetting that NBCUniversal severed all ties from him.

When He Talked About The Saudis

You would think that he would have learned not to say anything about a particular ethnicity anymore, but Trump did say he loved the Saudis.

When He Thought He Was The Karate Kid

The State columnist Liz Farrell noted the strange music choice at the event on Twitter. Does The Donald think he's the Karate Kid? Because we can never really predict what he'll do next, it might not be too much of a stretch to assume he'll pull out nunchucks at his next rally.

When He Talked About Iraq

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Trump also praised his own intellect by predicting that the Iraq War was a bad idea. He added, "I'm the most militaristic person ever." This is not a comfort, Trump.

When People Went Along With This

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Trump got a round of applause after every harsh quote. He also received multiple standing ovations. The most insane thing about this speech was that people actually liked it.

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