5 Orange Lipsticks From NARS To MAC, Because Tangerine Lips Are Most A Must This Summer

For anyone wondering, lipstick is an anytime kind of accessory, and while we can't deny the staple statement of a red lip, different seasons do bring out different colors. So for this summer, it's time to shed the red for a bit and start owning orange lipstick! If Leandra Medine approves, we should all approve.

The trailblazing and trend setting Man Repeller encouraged us in a recent post on her blog to "consider the orange lip," and I could not agree more. I love an extremely minimal look with a perfect pop of color. I would be lying to the masses if I said I didn't have at least five different shades of orange already collected in my make-up bag. Because there's a multitude of shades to choose from, the color is appropriate for any skin tone as well. So, if you've ever doubted your ability to kill the orange look, that is no longer allowed!

With different designers featuring models stunning in this color, it just affirms the trend that much more. Along with brands such Rag and Bone playing a part in the orange madness, fashion and beauty bloggers have joined the pack as well. One of my main inspirations, and favorite babe bloggers, Angelica Blick, has been slaying in orange too.

HELLO. Who needs red anymore?!

Sometimes finding the right lipstick for a decent price can be difficult, but I will be the first to admit that I wouldn't dare drop more than thirty dollars for one lipstick. There are amazing brands with brilliant shades for pretty sweet prices. You just gotta look a little! Here are some of my favorite orange lippies for less than what you expected.

1. Tokyo Tizzy

MAC Tokyo Tizzy, $17, Nordstrom

2. Solar Rust

Solar Rust, $15, & Others Stories

3. Koi Coral

MAC Koi Coral, $17, Nordstrom

4. Heat Wave

Nars Heat Wave, $28, Sephora

5. Burdet Orange

Burdet Orange, $15, & Other Stories

Orange is HOT and I'm all about it this summer.