7 Weird Skincare Products You Have To Try

by Lindsey Rose Black

It's easy to slip into a skincare rut and use the same products over and over again without ever considering venturing elsewhere in the beauty aisles. Free yourself from the shackles of a boring beauty routine and try out the 7 weird skincare products you didn't even know you needed! Go forth and explore, my friend.

Even if you've found a routine that works for you, it's fun to see what's new out there. Heck, you never know what product you might just fall in love with! And if you're just beginning to build a skincare regimen, this is a great time to experiment until you find exactly what you need. Before you start shopping, read up on the 20 skincare mistakes to avoid so that you don't accidentally form bad habits.

Additionally, if you have super sensitive skin, it's not the worst idea in the world to chat with your doctor about the ingredients in a certain beauty product. I'm one of those ladies that can get a rash immediately if I don't check a skincare product's label meticulously, but taking a little extra time at the store is way better than ending up with a rash or unwanted breakout.

Here are 7 products you never knew your skin needed, but from now on, won't be able to live without.

1. Coffee Scrubs

Your face might be craving a coffee fix just as much the rest of you every morning. Frank is an all-natural skincare line that uses coffee-based ingredients in every one of its delicious smelling scrubs, and glowing gal Ariana Grande is one of the brand's biggest fans. The caffeine-kicked exfoliators can increase blood-flow, reduce cellulite appearance, and help reduce psoriasis and eczema.

(Original Scrub, $14.95, Frank)

2. Modeling Rubber Mask

Alginate, extracted from kelp, gives this GlowRecipe's beauty mask its signature "rubbery" texture. The mask rejuvenates and hydrates your skin, as well as seriously detoxifies it thanks to the addition of calendula extract. You're bound to glow.

(Rubber Mask, $6, GlowRecipe)

3. Rose Water Toner

A beloved ingredient staple in Middle Eastern and North African cooking, organic distilled rose water is one of nature's most perfect toners. It's rich in antioxidants and reduces excess oil without causing harsh dryness. I'm addicted.

(Rose Water Toner, $19.49, Poppy Austin)

4. Moon Juice Beauty Dust

Make your skin beautiful from the inside out with Moon Juice's beauty dust! Mix one teaspoon of this raw vegetable, fruit, herb, nut, and seaweed-infused powder into an 8 oz cup of nut milk or tea and sip your way to increased collagen production and hydration for smoother, brighter skin.

(Beauty Dust, $65, Moon Juice)

5. Snail Repair Cream

OK yes, this product is full of snail goo. Turns out, that mucous-y slime is full of good-for-you moisturizing capabilities and can help fade acne scars and fine lines fast.

(Snail Repair Cream, $38, Peach and Lily)

6. Fermented Soybean Firming Eye Cream

Fermented soybeans are an acquired taste (my best description is miso-flavored chewy snot - sorry), but fortunately you don't have to eat natto to reap its incredible beauty benefits! Zymogen's eye cream naturally removes dark circles, promotes elasticity, and leaves your skin feeling bright and youthful.

(Fermented Soybean Firming Eye Cream, $29.20, Zymogen)

7. Bamboo Skin Polish

Bamboo doesn't just make pandas beautiful! Brush this bamboo skin polish on your face for a luxurious exfoliating experience that promotes silky smooth skin. Bonus points for it smelling like dessert with hints of coconut, vanilla, and chocolate.

(Bamboo Skin Polish, $27, Larenim)

Image Credit: ; Frank GlowRecipe Poppy Austin Moon Juice Peach and Lily; ; Zymogen Larenim