7 Fantasy & Sci-Fi Inspired Engagement Rings That Will Make You Want To Embrace Your Inner Geek

Are you one of the thousands of women who have their entire wedding planned out on Pinterest? As one of those people and a fan of Lord Of The Rings, I'm always on the lookout for fantasy-inspired engagement rings that don't look like your traditional band. I mean, aren't wedding the one time in your life where everything is about you? Why not have a ring that stands out from a sea of (very lovely) diamonds?

When I was a young girl, I would find myself fantasizing about my wedding day. I knew I would have a wedding similar to that of one of the Disney princesses (perhaps Princess Jasmine, because she was my favorite). I no longer have high hopes for having a flying carpet on my guest list, but I'd still get down with a fanciful wedding ring.

The base of producing any fantasy or sci-fi inspiring wedding is having the engagement ring be completely based in the otherworld of your choosing. Surprisingly, there are many jeweler so who have created such bands for couples who are geeks at heart and bond over it. From Zelda to Game Of Thrones, there's really something fans of any part of either genre. If you love them all, this could turn out to be a particularly difficult choice.

Nevertheless, here are seven fantasy and science fiction-inspired engagement rings that will make you reorganize your wedding board on Pinterest.

1. Legend Of Zelda

The Legend Of Zelda Inspired Emerald Solitare Engagement Ring, $369.99, Etsy

This ring is so beautiful that I would wear it even if I wasn't engaged (still adding to my wedding board on Pinterest, though). This emerald stone ring is inspired by the Legend of Zelda which makes me a fan of it even more.

2. D10

D10 Engagement Ring in Mixed Metals, $250, Etsy

The ten sided die is a classic gaming necessity, and therefore perfect for a slightly nerdy (and totally awesome) engagement ring.

3. Green Lantern

Acastus Black and Green Carbon Fiber Inlay Men's Tungsten Ring with Emerald Setting, $229.95, Unique Tunsten Rings

Are you or your partner a huge fan of the Green Lantern? If so, I found a winner for you. This wedding band has the most alluring emerald setting that is completely inspired by the superhero.

4. Doctor Who

Doctor Who Inspired Tardis Blue White Gold Princess Cut Diamond and Sapphire Engagement Ring Bridal Set, $799.99, Etsy

If you are obsessed with Doctor Who, you probably are ecstatic to see this gorgeous engagement ring set. It's definitely Tardis-inspired, but not in a cheesy way. Geronimo!

5. Batman

Batman Engagement Ring, $570, Custom Made

Take a step onto the dark side with this Batman ring. And hey! You still get a diamond!

6. Pokemon

Custom Pokemon Master Ball Ring, $600, Custom Made

I am officially the heart-eye emoji due to this ring. Most '90s kids are Pokemon fans so this is like a flashback to my childhood. The stones on the master ball are so stunning. Definitely adding this wedding ring on Pinterest at this very moment.

7. Wonder Woman

Hand-Crafted Wonder Woman Band with Custom Created Rubies, $595, Custom Made

If you ever dreamed of being Wonder Woman, this wedding band gives you the chance to make your dream come true. The custom created rubies in the shape of a star makes this ring even more spectacular. Keep sliding your fiancé those "Wonder Woman" hints so they can buy you this ring, ladies!

Images: Courtesy Brands