Kirsten Learns About Her Mother On 'Stitchers'

Does anyone really trust Maggie on ABC Family's Stitchers? The program leader is famously known at this point for keeping secrets about Kirsten's past, and having mysterious closed-door meetings with a sinister leader. I don't think Maggie is all bad, much like Christian Grey, she is made up of many shades. But when Maggie revealed information about Kirsten's mother to Kirsten on Tuesday night's episode, I definitely do not believe she gave the whole truth and nothing but the truth to Kirsten. In fact, I think she definitely left out some kind of majorly important connection between Ed, Kirsten's mother and her father. Here's the thing though, I do think that Maggie's loyalties are starting to turn towards her stitch program family more so than her creepy boss and whatever he's got cooking at the moment. I think it's possible that Maggie could eventually become Kirsten's ally in a potential fight against Maggie's boss and his purpose for the stitchers program.

After an airborne virus is released in the stitch lab and almost all of the employees are infected, Maggie tells them all to call their families and loved ones to say goodbye just in case a cure is not discovered. After Maggie makes a call to someone named Ben to whom she gives her love and says that neither of them should feel guilty about anything they've done. Something in Maggie clearly clicks at this moment, maybe it's because she believes she could die, but she finally tells Kirsten some necessary information about her mother, information that Kirsten doesn't take well.

Maggie tells her that she worked with Ed Clark and Kirsten's mother to get the stitchers program up and moving. In fact, she states that Kirsten's mother was one of the original designers of the stitch tech and her father couldn't handle that his wife was so much smarter and better than him. So when she died, Kirsten's father took credit for her mother's work. She stated that the photos they both received from Ed Clark were messages to both. Ed was trying to tell Maggie to remember her promise to Ed that she would watch out for Kirsten if anything happened to him. And Ed's message to Kirsten was to remember he cared for her and to remember her mother.

But don't you guys think that Maggie knows more than she's letting on here? Do you think she might know where the key that Ed left for Kirsten in her mother's grave leads? She's definitely someone to continue to keep an eye on, but to me if Maggie does know more than she's letting on about Kirsten's mother, father or Ed, she doesn't seem to be giving up that information to her creepy boss. I really, truly believe that Maggie could turn back over from the dark side to eventually help Kirsten, Cameron and company take on the inevitable battle of the stitchers program.

Images: Screenshot/ABC Family (2)