Emma's Present May Hold The Key To The Killer

As if Emma’s life on Scream wasn’t hard enough, she’s now getting even more special gifts from the killer who we know right now to be Brandon James or maybe Tyler or well really anyone in Lakewood. Anywho, still reeling from the murder of her bff Riley, Emma got a lovely package in the mail — the high school year book from 1994, her mother’s year, aka the year that Brandon James went completely crazy and murdered half the school. What does this yearbook have to do with Emma’s friends today, and what kind of clues does it hold about the killer?

As Emma skimmed through the book, she realized something — all of the portraits of the teens that were slaughtered were expertly cut out. To make matters worse, her father’s portrait (he was the only survivor of the original murders) was scribbled out, with the words, “The truth lies where the mask was made,” written next to it. Um, yikes? When Emma asks Noah what he thinks it means (because he is, of course, our resident movie expert), he says that Brandon James’ masks were made during his surgeries at a nearby hospital, now shut down. Being the stupid teens that they are, the trio decides to investigate. We were rewarded for their stupidity, though, because what they found was truly interesting.

To start it off — blood. Lots of blood. But not the blood (we think) of a human — a dead pig with its heart cut out was in the lab. At least we know now where Emma’s mom is getting her presents. Also waiting to be discovered were Brandon James’ pre-surgery x rays, souvenirs from the latest victims, and those fun cutout portraits missing from the yearbook with Emma’s picture as the centerpiece. So what does it all mean?

I’m going to go with Noah here and say it means mostly nothing. Noah, in his infinite wisdom, talked at length about “killer’s lairs” and how real killers don’t really have them. You only see them on television (he had a funny little remark about Pretty Little Liars and its multitude of dolls). I can’t say he’s wrong. The killer is way smarter than, um, everyone else in Lakewood, so I think he or she knows that Emma and her dumb teenage friends were going to go looking for him. I firmly believe that that all was a red herring and that Emma and company are just going to have to work harder if they’re going to get in front of the psycho killer that’s been picking off their clique.

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