How To Fall Asleep Without Air Conditioning On A Hot Summer Night — Yes, It's Possible

It can be difficult to beat the hot summer heat, especially if you haven't quite given in to purchasing an air conditioner yet. And while sitting in a pool of sweat during the daytime is definitely miserable, nights become even more uncomfortable. That's where these hacks come in — believe it or not, there are .

While an air conditioner can make any humid room instantly feel like an icebox, there's no getting around the fact that an AC unit can be pricey. A cool shower feels great in the evening, but as soon as you are in bed, it's amazing how quickly your body can heat back up again. These six tips can help prevent that, making for a better night's sleep, and subsequently, helping you to wake up on the right side of the bed.

Simple and affordable, the more of these you can accomplish, the cooler you'll feel. Chances are you should be able to handle most of these actions without needing to go out to the store and buy anything, which means you're saving money while managing to stay cool at the same time. It's a win-win, you guys. Now go chill out (even if the world around you is getting hotter and hotter).

1. Put your sheets in the freezer

One surefire way to stay cool during a hot summer night is to stash your bed sheets in the freezer an hour or two before you hit the hay. Quickly set your bed once you take them out, and relax in a cool sheet set-up as you drift off into dreamland.

2. Set up a hammock

You don't have to be in the great outdoors to sleep in a hammock! While it may seem like a bit of a hassle at first, if there’s any way to set up a hammock or a hanging cot, do it. Sleeping from a hanging bed helps increase airflow to more of the body’s surface area.

3. Use icepacks and cold compresses on your hot spots

Just like you can use hot water bottles during the winter to keep toasty, you can use icepacks and cold compresses to stay cool during hot summer nights. Placing them on your hot spots (behind the neck, behind the knees, and at the bottom of your feet) is the most strategic way to cool off quickly.

4. Get a breeze going

A fan may not be as effective as an air conditioner, but you’d be surprised how helpful they can be when things really get warm. Instead of using one to cool off an entire room, bring a fan close to your bed, and point it directly at your face. The sound of a fan can also be helpful for some people who have trouble falling asleep, as its smooth sound drowns out outside noises.

5. Take the spread eagle position

Once you’re in bed, spread your legs and arms as far apart as possible — yep, that’s right, take the spread eagle position. Why? Because it increases airflow to your body, and cools you down.

6. Drink lots of water

Staying hydrated during the summer is extremely important, especially if you want to fall asleep easily, and stay sleeping all night long. It helps keep your body temperature regulated, and on a steamy summer evening, that can be key.

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