Why 'Veronica Mars' BF Piz Was Actually A Better Guy Than Logan

One of the great debates for the ages is simply this: Logan versus Piz. Seriously. Ask any Veronica Mars fan who they like better for our girl Veronica, and you're opening up a giant can of worms without any easy solution. Should she be with the dark and mysterious Logan Echolls, or the thoughtful and sweet Stosh "Piz" Piznarski? I mean, being a die-hard Veronica Mars fan myself, I'm usually the first one to blurt out, "LOGAN." But after thinking about this choice for some time (read: years), I think I've come to a different answer. Piz. Veronica should be with Piz. And I know this is crazy and highly controversial, but Piz is actually a better guy than Logan. And we only what the best for Veronica, right?

Yes, Veronica and Logan have history. They've got lots of history. Their love story is, "epic" (Logan's word, not mine). OK, fine. What Veronica and Logan have is truly epic, and it has spanned years and continents, ruined lives, and caused lots of bloodshed. All of those things are in technically true, but those are also the things that would cause me to go running away from any relationship.

Veronica is always the one to run headfirst into some challenge, so I can clearly see why in the end, she picks Logan. (Sorry if that's like, a huge spoiler... a year later. But come on, go watch all of Veronica Mars, and then watch the Veronica Mars movie, and come back so we can talk about it.) But honestly, I went into the Veronica Mars movie kinda hoping that she'd pick Piz in the end. Really. And I was kind of upset that she didn't. I can clearly get the Logan Thing, because I think about Logan at least once a day, if not more. But then at the end of the day, she should be with Piz. And yeah, come at me, LoVe 'shippers.

For starters, Piz wasn't a bad guy. There was absolutely nothing wrong with him whatsoever. He never hurt Veronica; he never hurt us (as viewers); and he was just a general all-around sweetheart. He immediately fell for Veronica, and even after he learned about her crazy insane past, he didn't run away. Even everything that happened to them at college — like, the sex tape that wasn't really a sex tape — he still didn't run. He stood by her through thick and thin. Logan didn't do that. Logan always took the first opportunity to run.

This then makes me feel bad for Piz, because while he was standing by Veronica, she was having conflicted feelings about Logan. I can, however, never say anything bad about Veronica because I love her so much, but just know I wasn't too happy with all those long glances at Logan during college.

Piz was also funny. Genuinely funny. He was that fun-loving, goofball-esque character, but he wasn't stupid. He was actually really smart, and he had dreams and wanted to do something with his life. Remember the radio show? That was his little baby. And remember the time he actually had to babysit a rock star, played by Paul Rudd? That was great. And Piz handled all of these things with a level head, even after things got crazy. Piz never let any situation get the upper hand on him. Logan, on the other hand, would just start throwing punches the second things got tough. Not really the best approach, buddy.

I also really hate describing guys like this, but it is the best way to describe Piz: He was like a little puppy. A little, excited little puppy who just wanted to love, cuddle, and go for walks. He even had the floppy hair and big eyes to match, so the cuteness factor is clearly there. Veronica saw it. I saw it.

Piz is also refreshingly different from Veronica. Logan and Veronica are almost too similar, and in this case, I don't think that's a good thing. You can only have so many people who have authority issues, you know? Piz has never once argued with the law, or broke the law, or got arrested, or became a murder suspect. And when all is said and done, should Veronica go back to the guy who could easily break her heart into a million pieces again, or the guy who will try his best to mend a broken heart? (And who doesn't have a rap sheet?)

If we're really stacking everything up — 'shipping aside — Piz is the better guy. In which case, if Veronica's going to go with Logan, can I have a crack at Piz?

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