Which 'Veronica Mars Boyfriend Was The Biggest Bad Boy? This Bar Graph Should Explain It

Despite her occasional reputation as Neptune's favorite blonde pariah, Veronica Mars managed to snag quite a few men folk in her day. In fact, some could even argue that she had a fair amount of dreamy suitors (cough, Logan Echolls, cough). But, of course, there's a catch to all that cuteness, and the catch was usually that Veronica Mars' boyfriends were all unrepentant bad boys in one way or another. Let's be real. Our girl had a type. But who was the baddest of the bad boys? Let's break it down in order.

Duncan is a hard one to pin down, because, on the surface, he appears like Neptune High's golden boy. However, he has plenty of issues underneath that. No, I'm not talking about his epilepsy. That's not even a joke. However, I can honestly say that most of my boyfriends aren't living off the grid with their illegitimate daughter, placing hits on their little sister's murderer. I hope.

Troy Vandegraff made for a cute boyfriend for a while, until he tried to involve Veronica in a plan to smuggle steroids into the country. Leaving the country afterwards — with his actual girlfriend — added an extra layer of scumminess. Leo gets points for being a bit rebellious as a police officer in his efforts to help Veronica, but that's a benign type of bad behavior.

And then there's Logan. Marshmallows, you have to admit he takes the cake, having been involved as a suspect in many murder mysteries, and carrying emotionally baggage for days, not to mention that (occasionally swoon-worthy) temper. And Piz, bless his heart. Compared to the rest of Veronica's beaus, he is painfully normal. No wonder he and Veronica didn't last.

So here's how the love interests all stack up.

Image: Warner Bros. Television; Dawn Foster/Bustle