14 Kendall Jenner Heart Hair Photo Recreations From Instagram That Are Just As Cool As The Original

As you're probably aware, Kendall Jenner posted the most-liked Instagram photo ever — yes, that includes Kimye's famous wedding photo. Since then, girls (and guys!) have been recreating the heart hair image that Jenner made famous, according to Pop Sugar, and some of these copies are spot-on.

The heart trend isn't new, per se. A lot of people have been curing their boredom with this fun little creation for years — it's just recently that more and more Instagram users are hopping on the bandwagon. When a photo gets 2.9 million likes (!), I'm almost tempted to try it out myself. (In fact, I did. See below). Anyhow, curiosity got the best of me, and I searched #hearthair to see how people are mixing it up. You can definitely count on Instagram to fuel your creativity (and lack of productivity).

These 14 people pictured below make it look easy, but I will be the first to tell you that it's not. If you didn't notice, it's an awfully difficult task to pull off yourself (unless you're doing the one-hearter). You'll need at least one another person to play with your hair while you lie on the floor like a log. My boyfriend doesn't know the first thing about hair, so I probably recruited the wrong person to help me. He got frustrated half way through because my hair was too tangly (whoops) and had to start over.

"I better get something for this," he mumbled. He really is a trooper.

Here are my heart hair results:

I may not own Kendall's lovely lace dress, but I think it turned out OK. I'll continue to enjoy the effort a lot of people have put into doing this thing properly. Short hair, long hair, curly hair, man hair – it's all possible. Get some inspiration from the best recreations on Instagram.

With colorful hair:

The hearts somehow look infinitely cooler with rainbow hair.

With nature's touch:

The Instagrams of the summer.

With the little one's hair:

There's too much adorableness for my eyes to handle.

With man hair:

Man heart > man bun

And, of course, the classic:

It'll never get old.

Images: Instagram/kendalljenner; madisonfraser_; holxjohnston; dannyelleborges; moonzaya ; whatsaroundhere; lucy.r.smith; viragocarmen_waw; lina_rang_; nikkimyers56; merilee22; cedarcottontrail; fridaelkund; gummybubblee; abigail.merkett; popsugarlove