Where To Order The McDonald's Secret Menu

It's a new golden age for the Golden Arches. It seems Ronald McDonald has been harboring some private information, but ever since a post on Reddit's Ask Me Anything forum revealed evidence of a McDonald's secret menu, dedicated customers haven't been clowning around. If you're anything like the 5,000 other people who have since commented on the viral thread, you're probably trying to figure out where you can order the McDonald's secret menu, what's on it, and how much it costs.

The alleged manager who posed the original Reddit thread claimed that although McDonald's employees may be unfamiliar with options like the "McGangBang" or the "Land, Air, and Sea" burger (yup, those are seriously items you can apparently order), you can make a special request called a "grill order" to "hack" any of the items on the full menu into a customized creation. As long as you tell the cashier exactly what you want, you can design an order with your own personal flair at virtually any of the fast food powerhouse's 35,000 locations.

Need more proof that something this great even exists? The fast food chain itself has officially confirmed its (unofficial) secret menu on the McDonald's FAQ page. And now that you know about the magical new possibilities that await you at Mickey D's, here are four ordering tips to help you manipulate the menu and make the most of your next special order:

1. Instead of ordering secret menu items by name, tell the cashier to combine specific menu items and ingredients.

Just like the well-known Starbucks secret menu — which isn't really a "secret" at all — ordering a special item isn't about knowing a funky name as much as it is about giving proper instructions. Similar to how you can't blame a barista for not knowing what the Butterbeer or Ariana Grande Frappuccino consist of, McDonald's employees may not immediately recognize, say, the McCrepe's components on command. They will, however, happily combine Hotcakes and a yogurt parfait together if you ask.

2. Don't be afraid to get creative.

Have you ever asked for extra nuts, or — gasp! — both the chocolate and caramel sauces when ordering the Dollar Menu ice cream sundae? Well, use your imagination to take your order to the next level with more adventurous requests. But if you're not feeling inventive, you could always try my next tip ...

3. Consult the Internet.

The lovely people of the World Wide Web are excited about this newly-discovered menu, and there are tons of online sources to get great ideas. Check the rapidly growing #mcdonaldssecretmenu Instagram hashtag, or this helpful list that maps out several under-the-radar orders for McDonald's, as well as other hush-hush menus for more of your favorite fast food chains.

4. Be aware of extra costs.

If you want to order a "Monster Mac" (a secret menu item that's essentially a super-sized Big Mac with eight meat patties), you're going to have to pay an additional charge for the extra patties. With any order you make, adding ingredients or merging menu items will bump up the price.

Images: lajlajean/Instagram; Giphy (4)