Fun Disney Princess Prompts For Your Next Fanfic

Writing prompts are great. Whether you've got writer's block or are just looking for new material, it's all great fun to spend some time on a casual project. If you're a fanfiction writer, though, it can sometimes be difficult to find good writing prompts you can use.

Fanfiction gets a pretty bad rap. To be fair, the genre's most famous examples aren't that fantastic at all, really. That doesn't mean there isn't amazing, life-changing fan-authored works out there; it just means they aren't the ones making money. Since everything tends to gravitate toward the money, writing prompts are generally tailored for Actual Writers. That's great, and you can certainly use generic writing prompts to fuel your next fanfiction flame, but sometimes you need something specific.

I think everyone should write at least a little bit, and I'm a longtime fanfiction reader. So for all you Disney Princess fans out there, I've got thirteen writing prompts to inspire your next big project. If the writing goes well, consider changing all the names and publishing your story for the masses to enjoy. You don't have to credit me, but dropping a line to let me know your work is out there would be nice.

From one fan to another, here are your Disney Princess writing prompts.

Write a Sequel to Atlantis: Milo's Return in Which Kida Strives for World Domination

Did anyone else ever catch just a hint of villain off of Kida? It was like she was this close to taking all the power she could get and reveling in it. Atlantis: Milo's Return tells us that the world was always a better place after Kida brought the sunken city back to the surface, but what if that didn't happen? Write a sequel in which Kida leads the Atlanteans in a campaign for world domination.

Rewrite Snow White as a Romance between the Princess and Dopey

OK, if we're being totally honest, Prince Charming really doesn't have much... charm. He's just kind of this big dolt who waltzes in, kisses Snow White, and takes her home — not to mention the fact that he scares her the first time they meet. A romance with the strong, silent Dopey makes much more sense. He's young, sweet, and totally in love with Snow White, who knows him better than she does Charming.

Rewrite Sleeping Beauty with a Different Person Meeting Aurora in the Forest

What if Aurora and Phillip were betrothed, but another prince — or princess — met her in the forest instead? Now Phillip is out in the cold while his technical fiancee is walking with someone else, once upon a dream. Or maybe he meets and falls in love with someone else as well — Maleficent, maybe? — and mass confusion ensues. Either way, it's your story.

Write a Sequel to The Princess and the Frog Set During the Great Depression

Picture it: Tiana and Naveen have their own restaurant in New Orleans when the stock market crashes and threatens to ruin everything. What happens? Does their marriage survive the economic collapse? Will they resort to voodoo to survive? Tell me more!

Write a Sequel to Cinderella in Which the Princess Refuses to Change Her Dress

That dress is amazing. You know it, I know it, and Cinderella definitely knows it. Write a story in which she's so obsessed with her ballgown that she absolutely, 100% refuses to take it off. Bonus points if she lets the mice and birdies build nests in it.

Rewrite The Little Mermaid with Ariel as the Villain

In mythology, mermaids are traditionally pretty damn evil. They drag sailors down to their deaths, and, traditionally, the only way to get a mermaid onto dry land is to steal one of her baubles and take it back to the surface. Turn Ariel into a villain who wants Eric forever and ever.

Rewrite Pocahontas as a Romance between the Princess and Nakoma

This just seems right. I know we're all supposed to think of Pocahontas as being in love with John Smith, but it just never struck me as a particularly authentic romance. The friendship between the titular character and Nakoma, though? That had real potential.

Write a Sequel to Tangled in Which Rapunzel and Eugene's Daughter Has Magic Hair

At the end of Tangled, Rapunzel's hair loses its magical powers when she uses it to save Eugene. She turns into a brunette, and the magic is over. Or is it? What if Rapunzel and Eugene's little princess is born with her mother's magic hair and winds up in some potentially deadly shenanigans? Write it and let me know what happens.

Write a Sequel to Brave in Which Merida Adopts a Child Raised by Bears

Merida's agreement with her parents stipulates that she'll marry if and when she sees fit, but I like to think that she stays single and happy for the rest of her life. I just can't imagine anyone really challenging her, you know? But parenthood will challenge anyone, and that's why this writing prompt involves Merida adopting a feral child. Hilarity ensues.

Write a Sequel to Mulan in Which Shang Never Finds out She Is a Woman

In the real-life Mulan fable, the woman warrior's sex is never discovered, and one of her generals asks her to marry his daughter. The Disney version had Mulan found out after an injury, and later wrote in an admittedly perfect romantic relationship with Shang. But what would have happened if Shang went on believing she was a man? Would he fall in love with her anyway? Would he try to make her marry his sister? There's a lot of fun to be had with this one, so knock yourself out.

Rewrite Frozen and Give Elsa's Powers to Anna

Elsa and Anna have totally different personalities, so what would Frozen have been like if the whimsical Anna had been the one with the magical snow powers? Whether your story results in Anna campaigning for Elsa's throne, or a world overtaken by self-aware snowmen, I'm sure it'll be worth the time it takes to read and write.

Rewrite Aladdin with a Secret Romance and Plot between Jasmine and Jafar

What if Jasmine and Jafar were power-hungry lovers who just needed the Sultan and that pesky street rat out of their way? Rewrite Aladdin with these two as a conniving, evil duo. Some possible motives — aside from complete control of Agrabah — include: stealing the Genie and magic carpet, turning Aladdin over to Cassim in exchange for the Hand of Midas, or giving Mozenrath souls for his necromancy in order to form an alliance.

Write a Sequel to Beauty and the Beast in Which Belle Becomes an Erotic Novelist

After marrying Adam — a.k.a. Beast — Belle has all the material she needs to write a fantastic series of erotic novels, so why not let her? Some great shenanigans are bound to ensue once this Disney Princess starts writing about the castle inhabitants' sexual rendezvous, so get to writing your tale as old as ... five minutes ago.

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