But First, Watch This Sloth Take A Selfie

by Mikaela Gilbert-Lurie

I'm going to say what we've all been thinking: Sloths are under-apreciated, majestic creatures. If you really want to live your life to the fullest, and you do, you really ought to start increasing your daily sloth video intake by roughly 300 percent immediately. This video of a sloth taking a selfie is a phenomenal way to start, so here. Have some adorableness. You can thank me later.

This isn't the first time an animal has gotten hold of a camera in order to take a selfie, of course. Elephants have taken selfies called "elfies" (I know — I die), as have monkeys, dogs and cats. At this point, we know that cute animal plus selfie camera equals a really positive experience for all parties involved. The math doesn't lie.

But there really is something different about sloth selfies (heretofore known as "slothies"). Sloths have this remarkable ability to look like greasy-haired, slow, little old people, while simultaneously being incredibly cute. It's a gift, really. And this video is so short, and so unpretentious, that you can really watch it at any point in your day and it'll brighten your mood. They say time heals all wounds, but I say sloth videos heal all wounds.

Slothies are actually more popular than you would think. There are a number of phenomenal sloth selfies around the Internet, and I have made it my job (literally — this is my actualy job, guys) to collect them all and streamline them into one easily accessible database.

Before you explore, you should probably take a good, long hard look at the video, because as I said, it really is healing.

And now, welcome, friends, to the wonderful world of slothies. Won't you please sit back, relax, and meet the Internet's top slothie stars:

1. Oh Hey, Friend

How's it going?

2. Slothie Game Strong

One might even go so far as to say this slothie game is on fleek.

3. All Smiles

Not even scary, only cute.

4. This Sloth Deserves a Modeling Contract

I definitely don't know my angles as well as this sloth knows his.

5. Upside-Down Slothie

Gravity don't mean a thing when you're sloth.

6. Sloth In a Box

Oh, boy.

7. Cassanova Sloth

This sloth is Mr. Steal Yo Girl (really slowly, though).

8. The Most Excited Slothie

Have you ever been that excited about anything?

9. Slothie + Tree= SlothTrie

How pleased is he right now?

10. Motorcycle Sloth

He's like James Dean in Sloth form.

11. Daredevil, Barbed Wire Sloth

Don't his hands hurt?

Images: Noah Aron/YouTube; stephfvet, adriannethompson, jobon_/Instagram