Aria Montgomery Wears Nautical Tee & Leather-Denim Jacket Combo On 'Pretty Little Liars,' So You Should Too

Given the opportunity, I could totally piece together my dream wardrobe from the styles of all four Pretty Little Liars, but last night Aria Montgomery’s nautical t-shirt and denim-leather jacket combo stole the show. I’m pretty sure my boyfriend heard me say “oh my god, I love her outfit,” about twenty times during the episode.

If I had to break it down, out of all four liars, I’d probably say my personal style generally resonates with that of Emily Fields’ trendy-casual vibe. I could never quite pull off Spencer’s level of preppiness, or keep up with the trends like Hannah — let’s be real here, I can barely keep up with my iPhone upgrades. Aria’s bold patterns and accessories intimidated me, though I always considered her the fashion MVP of ABC's hit series. But am I the only one who’s noticed Aria’s experimental fashion sense has toned it down a notch in recent seasons?

It’s possible that she’s genuinely grown out of the whole funky/alternative stage. Most of us have been there. I’m even willing to be that role playing as Charles DiLaurentis’ doll in fear of her life probably took the fun out of playing dress up. Whatever the reason, be it a positive change or a result of unfortunate circumstances, I’m starting to picture a lot of Aria’s clothing making its way to my closet.

Personally, if I were going on a top secret mission to trap Big A once and for all, this t-shirt and jacket combo would be my outfit of choice as well. When taking down a psychotic monster, you never know what you're in for, so you always want to dress comfortable (hence the light tee) with a hint of bad ass (leather jacket).

Love it? Here's how you can get Aria Montgomery's look from last nights episode "O Brother, Where Art Thou?"

1. Tanya Taylor

'Iris' Stripe Cold Shoulder Top, $197.98,

2. Dreamy Alley

Blue Stripe Chiffon Shirt with Roll Sleeve, $15.99,

3. Brooks Brothers

Stripe Tank, $17.40,

4. DH Gate

Patchwork leather and denim jacket, $34.74,

5. Blank NYC

Denim Jacket w/ Vegan Leather Sleeves in Ripped Off, $50.99,

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Images: ABC Family; markgirl/Twitter; Courtesy Brands(5)