The Eco-Friendly PaperJohn Backpack Will Answer All Your Shopping Bag Problems, Plus 3 Other Slow Fashion Bags To Get Right Now

Anyone who bikes often knows how real the reusable grocery bag struggle is. Instead of eternally being doomed to try and balance your groceries on your lap or handle bars (yeah, bad idea don't try it), GizMag spotted the eco-friendly PaperJohn backpack from Germany that is ready to answer all your shopping/biking problems. It's sleek, functional, and 100 percent biodegradable.

Ogata, the German company behind PaperJohn's design, hopes the bag will encourage users to swap their car for a bike when running errands. The brand shared the bag's "higher than normal paper density of 120 g/sq m [makes] it sturdier for carrying heavy groceries." The handles are even folded over four times for extreme durability. No more fears of bag handles breaking!

Size-wise, the backpack is intentionally designed to work for people of all shapes and sizes. It comes in at 320 x 170 x 450 mm (12.6 x 6.7 x 17.7 in) with attached shoulder straps.

The bag isn't available in the United States yet, but a crowdfunding campaign for it launches this August. You can, however, follow all of PaperJohn's adventures in Germany on Tumblr and Facebook! Warning you now though, the more you look at the PaperJohn, the more you'll wish you could have it right now.

OGATA on YouTube

While you wait for the bag to be available, here are three other eco-friendly slow fashion options worth purchasing asap.

1. Evita Mochila From Bluma Project

Bluma Project is a slow fashion bag and accessories retailer based in Brooklyn, New York. Their gorgeous bags come from small-scale producers all over the world. The dreamy bag featured above is from artisans in Peru.

(Evita Mochila, $168, Bluma Project)

2. Upcycled Duffel Bag From Rice Love

Rice Love's slogan is "buy a bag - feed a family." Do you need a better reason? Head to their site to check out all the different bag designs and styles!

(Upcycled Duffel, $25, RiceLove)

3. Matilda Convertible Bag From Zady

Zady, a slow fashion e-commerce site launching its own brand this fall, carries beautiful clothing, accessories, and home goods sourced from slow fashion designers across the globe. The lovely and sleek Matilda bag was made locally in Los Angeles, CA.

(Matilda Convertible Bag, $498, Clare V., Zady)

Image Credit: PaperJohn/Facebook, PaperJohn/Youtube, Bluma Project, RiceLove, Clare V., Zady