9 Eye-Catching Tattoos Democrats Will Love

From feminist tattoos to political figure portraits to inspiring quotes, there are plenty of ways for us to express our values in body art form. One option for anyone with hardcore political beliefs is to go right ahead and show off your affiliation in ink. Like ... tattoo ideas for Democrats, anyone? This is a category that could go in many different directions, all depending on exactly what you're looking for in your ideal tattoo. From the on-the-nose and straightforward to the subtle and delicate, there are plenty of ideas to consider.

If you're keen to get a bold political statement tattoo, it might be a good idea to search around for an artist or shop that holds the same basic political principles, so that you know you'll be working with professionals who are happy to give you an awesome liberal-inspired tattoo. For added fun, you can invite a couple of buddies to engage in political chitchat with you, so you can be distracted from the pain of your newest addition to your tattoo collection. (Going over Donald Trump's worst-ever quotes is sure to provide a jumping-off point, for example.) The experience of getting the new piece will add to the meaning the tattoo holds for you. If you dig this idea in general, but aren't exactly sure which option to go, take a look at these ideas for inspiration.

Party Pride

So you don't have to explain yourself during any election season ever.

If You Really Love Obama

Like if he's your favorite president that ever is or was or will be. And if you plan to vote for him in 2016, even though he legally cannot hold the office again.

If You Want Everyone To Get Along

Such a cute rendering of the Coexist symbols.

If You Are Anti-War

This subtle and adorable tattoo would quickly send a message you believe in.

For The Hardcore Liberal Vegans

Or vegetarians, for that matter! This animal liberation piece would be a great statement for anyone who is dedicated to animal rights.

If You Are All About Equality

I love this! It's so subtle, but powerful at the same time.

If You're Into The Occupy Movement

The Occupy protests in New York City have been over for some time, but the movement is still very much alive. Occupy is behind many local protests across the U.S., and local Occupy groups are great at disseminating information about marches, protests, and other gatherings.

For The Lovers Of JFK

This quote from John F. Kennedy's inaugural speech would be sure to please the blue-hearted and tattoo minded folks among us.

For The Hippie At Heart

The sentiment of "make love, not war" still resonates with so many people, even though the 1960s are long past. This would be a great idea for anyone who loves sundresses and wearing flower crowns.

Images: Shepard Fairey, Trevor, Lauren Michele, Justin, Olivia Stephens, Bobby Steele, Peta2, Thomas Brodahl/ Flickr; trist78/Instagram