'Empire' Season 2 Teaser Reveals A Lot Of #FreeLucious Campaigning & Even More Drama — VIDEO

While the Emmys didn't give Empire fans all the good news, we've now got something to celebrate: A teaser for Empire Season 2 finally hit the Internet on Wednesday, and it has all the elements of the Lyons' den that audiences know and love. We've all been Empire-less since March — and have to wait until Sept 23 for Season 2 — but this should help any of those feeling impatient in the mean time. Producers are finally dropping clues and videos of Hakeem dropping beats!

As most of us know, Season 1 ended with Jamal officially becoming CEO of Empire Entertainment — and, more importantly, with Lucious being arrested for the murder of Cookie's cousin Bunkie... just as he was about to perform at the legacy concert. Season 2 appears to pick up where we left off with a concert about Lucious, but this time, it's a benefit to get him out of jail. Jamal performs before a #FreeLucious banner as Cookie stands in a silver cage holding a gold microphone. We see Lucious in his orange jumpsuit, and Cookie looking skeptical at visitation.

Of course, this season has already been promised to be a dramatic one: an Instagram from the set of Empire a few weeks ago featured Chris Rock on set, and he happened to be wearing a prison jumpsuit. Here's hoping that Rock plays Lucious' cellmate, and calls him out on his crap like Cookie used to.

The season promises to be full of drama and music, with the teaser boasting, "New Music. New Money. New Power. New Empire." Only 62 days to go.