It's National Aunt Day, So Here Are 7 Things You Can Always Count On Your Aunt For

Today is National Aunt and Uncle Day, and while I'm not always on board with all these random so-called national holidays (though, like, I'll celebrate National Junk Food Day, if you insist), I think this one is a really lovely concept. After all, we have a Mother's Day and Father's Day and if you haven't heard, EVERY DAY is kids' day. But our aunts and uncles do a lot for us (or at least mine do a lot for me) and we should have a day to give thanks for that. It's heartwarming, dammit, so get on board.

Whether today means giving your aunt a call, sending her a sweet text or leaving her a rambling message about how you guys need to get drinks next to you're in the same city, it’s worth it to thank her today for filling a role that’s so important to you. And if you ARE an aunt, remind your nieces and nephews that you are always there for them, and that they should really consider, like, maybe taking you out for ice cream today. Or something. Like, you’d settle for a gift card.

In the spirit of this holiday, we gathered what we honestly think are things you can absolutely count on your aunt for. I have two aunts, one on each side of the family, and both are not only strong women, but are family members I know I could call if I ever just needed to talk. Here are seven things you can always count on your aunt for:

1. Easing the situation when the going gets tough

When there's tension and you don't understand what's going on or how to handle it, you can spill everything to your aunt and trust that she'll have something to say, or advice to give.

2. Swearing and being generally candid in front of you

She's not set on being quite as ~proper~ as your parents are, and doesn't mind speaking like she would with her friends as opposed to like you're a generation younger than she is.

3. Telling you sh*t about your parents that they haven't told you yet

Like a story about how they fell in love, or the time they screwed up when they were 16. A story about an experience your parents probably wouldn't voluntarily share with you.

4. Hilarious conversation that never makes you feel like you have to hold back

She wants to see you laugh and get to know all of you. She never wants you to feel like you can't make a joke because it's too raunchy, or you can't tell her a ~questionable~ story.

5. Bringing positivity and comic relief to family events and gatherings

She knows how to lighten the mood when it so desperately needs to be lightened. Similarly, she can suck up the annoying parts of a family get together and still make it a positive experience for you.

6. And she'll save you from feeling awkward in front of relatives

She'll take the heat and steer you clear of the random relatives who ask questions you don't want to answer. And she'll analyze the whole family drama with you once every else leaves.

7. Reminding you of what's actually important

At the end of the day, your aunt is one of your immediate family members and whenever you see her you're reminded of how much you care for each other and how important close family members are.

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