Whitney Port Gives A Sneak Peek Of Her Wedding Dress, Plus 5 Guesses We Have About It

With her big day right around the corner, Whitney Port gave a sneak peak of her wedding dress options and I'm pretty much confident that her dress will be beyond beautiful. She's set to marry her fiance Tim Rosenman who was an associate for The City. Who figured she would find true love on the TV show? Not me. Heck, probably not her either!

Just from the wedding dress pics she shared with us on her blog, one thing's for sure: Port will surely be glowing in a gown that perfectly fits her personality and style. She showcased gowns that involved lacy designs and I honestly can't wait to see what she actually says "I do" in.

In any case, with a passion for designing and the fashion world, Whitney will for sure pick a dress suited for her. She's taking all the time she needs, and IMHO that's how it definitely should be when preparing for the big day.

She posted on her blog, "The dress is in the works!! But I thought I'd share some pics of me in the fitting room experimenting with different styles to see what I liked. It's super important to try on as many dresses as you can so you are confident in what you choose!"

Think we can definitely agree with that, Whitney!

In a past interview with E!, she also explained, "I'm a very indecisive person and I feel like I want to choose the dress a little bit closer to the date. I don't really wanna be staring at a dress for too long because I'm afraid that I'll get sick of it, but I definitely have ideas in my head of what I want."

And although we may not exactly know what Whitney is choosing for her wedding, here's what I'm guessing it will look like based off of her sneak peeks.

1. It will definitely involve lace

Whitney's pics definitely showed a lot of lace, so I'm guessing she's going to stick with that. Great choice, Whit! (Marviana Lace Gown, BHLDN.com, $650)

2. It will be custom made

Whitney did mention to E!, "I don't think that I would necessarily be capable of designing a full wedding gown as that's not really my forte, but I have thought about designing it with another designer who specializes in that." Um, yes please.

3. It'll have a super fitted form

From the looks of her blog pics, the dress will be super-fitted to perfection. (Janey Gown, BHLDN.com, $1,900)

4. It will be sort of retro

Since Whitney has always had a vintage feel, I'm guessing that her dress will be a little nostalgic with a hint of modernism. (Adalynn Gown, BHLDN.com, $1,800)

5. It's going to be super sexy, yet super classy

By looking at Whitney's style in general, her outfits are the very definition of classy meets sexy. (Princia Pronovias, Pronovias.com, $2000-2499)

6. It'll have a deep V cut

Her wedding dress options featured a dress with a V-neck cut that looked AMAZING. I'm really hoping that this style stays for the big day. (Mila Gown, BLHDN.com, $2,890)

7. It will be fairytale-like

Jewels, beads, and embroidery were definitely spotted on Whitney's dress options. I'm pretty sure she'll look like a straight-up princess for her wedding. (AK129 Eddy K, eddyk.com, $1000-1499)

If you can't wait until Whitney's big day (like myself), hear more of Whitney's wedding details here:

And head over to her website to see the gorgeous pics of her wedding dress sneak peek!

Images: Courtesy Of Brands