Maddie Ziegler & Tori Kelly Make A Perfect Team

When you think of which two current stars would be perfect to front the campaign of a major retailer's back to school, you wouldn't necessarily put these two young stars together, but they're nonetheless the perfect pair. Maddie Ziegler and Tori Kelly are the stars of Target's Back-to-School campaign, and the combination is absolutely perfect. While a cursory thought wouldn't place the two together, Tori Kelly is the It girl singer of the moment, and Ziegler is definitely one of the most popular young dancers. So what happens when you put the two together? An awesome collab.

We all know that walking into Target is basically like playing Russian roulette with your wallet. From their Lily Pulitzer collaboration to their general body positivity, the brand is the height of affordable fashion for girls on the go, and now, they're adding even more amazing style with their back to school fashions. In a sneak peek video, we're given a glimpse behind the scene with Ziegler as she gears up to film the commercial with a team of other talented young dancers including Kida the Great. She's basically a pro at this point. Her fabulous collaboration with Betsey Johnson x Capezio was perfection. In the video, Ziegler says, "It's definitely all fun and everyone's just very uplifting and having a great time."

While Ziegler can be seen dancing her hall out in awesome denim, Kelly's role seems to be a bit more behind the scenes. Kelly recorded a cover of the Jackson 5's famous hit, "ABC," for the back-to-school campaign. Of the record, Kelly says, "It was a huge honor to record such a classic song. It’s still so catchy and fun to sing after all these years.” While we're not totally sure, we'd bet that the music for Ziegler's dancing is going to be Kelly's cover. Currently, you can nab the single from the Plus, for each download, Target will donate $5 to the Kids in Need Foundation.

This campaign is bound to be mega popular. The combination of Target, Kelly, and Zeigler is perfect. When you've got one of the most popular singers of the moment and one of the best dancers, what better way to have them collaborate? We can't wait to see the full Target ad soon!

Images: Tori Kelly/Instagram