Britney Spears Jumps On The Mermaid Hair Trend

If you haven't seen mermaid hair or made note of its ever increasing popularity this summer, you have clearly not been reading Bustle enough. The latest star to jump on the trend is Britney Spears, who dyed her hair purple in a way I haven't yet seen. Most of the stars rocking the trend have gone full tilt, but Spears opted for a more subtle look that we're kind of digging.

Hilary Duff, Kylie Jenner, Abby Lee Kershaw - these stars are just a few of the Hollywood starlets who have been working the mermaid hair trend. Duff and Jenner's blue 'dos really kicked off the trend, and then Abby Lee Kershaw came in and started rocking rainbow mermaid hair like a champ. Not to mention, Kelly Ripa has gone from pink to blonde to blue in the past few months. Basically, with this many stars changing up their everyday styles for more wild looks, the trend was bound to continue to pick up steam. Now, Spears has joined the pastel band wagon. I've got to say, I really love the direction she's taken the look. It's playful, but temporary - the perfect way to switch up your hair for summer.

Unlike most of the trends we've seen lately where stars take their full locks to the maximum of mermaid style, Spears kept her hair more subtle. She added lavender tips to the end in an ombre style. The color is reminiscent of Kelly Osbourne's almost opaque lavender grey. Despite the paps capturing the star in a super candid moment, we can still tell that her hair is totally on point. I can't wait to see it in loose waves around the singer's face in true mermaid fashion.

Brit has always had her own style, and I love that she translated it into this new look.

Images: Bitchneyforever/Instagram