'Sharknado 3' Quotes So Cheesy They're Perfect

Syfy's great film franchise is back, bigger and better than ever! Wednesday night saw the premiere of Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No!, and it was so perfect. All of the things we love about Sharknado were back in a big way in the third film of the franchise, including Fin and April in all of their shark-killing glory and a whole lot of chainsaw action. As we all know, the Sharknado series isn't really the most realistic of them all. But, let's be honest: We don't watch these films for the realism. We watch them for a whole lot of people getting eaten and killing sharks. Oh, and for those amazing puns. I've compiled some of the cheesiest, and therefore best, quotes from Sharknado 3.

When you're dealing with films where sharks are flying out of the ocean and into tornados where they then attack people, it's not like we're going to be getting Oscar-nominated screenplays and performances. So, why not just lean into it and embrace the sheer cheese-factor? Thankfully that's precisely what the Sharknado writers and filmmakers have done because just a few minutes into Sharknado 3, we heard some of the greatest corny lines in the history of Syfy films. Here's what we've got so far.

"Hail to the chief" — Fin to Mark Cuban, aka POTUS

No one messes with Mark Cuban.

"Not in my house! This time it's personal!" — Mark Cuban, aka POTUS

"Don’t make me angry!" — Lou freaking Ferigno, aka the Hulk

Actually, that moment would have been a good one to turn into the big, green guy.

"They used to call me a shark” —Mark Cuban

He's got quite a few perfect lines.

"[I have] post traumatic shark disorder" — Nova

Don't we all.

Finn: "I'm going to kill every last one of you!" Nova: "We’ve tried that three times, didn’t seem to work."

The sass is real.

"Could be worse. Could be zombies" — Frankie Muniz

Sharknado 4 better have zombies.

Nova: "Merging sharknados?" Frankie Muniz: "A sharkicane"

Sharknado 4 better be called "Sharkicane."

"So the little one will always fly." — David Hasselhoff handing a wings pin to Fin for his baby

Fatherly words of wisdom from The Hoff himself.

Nova: ".75 Caliber Mascara." Security Guard: "Mascara shotgun!"

Greatest weapon ever created.

Images: Syfy; Giphy