Rock Out To The 'Sharknado' Theme Song

Sharknado 3 premiered Wednesday night and wasted absolutely no time at all — the sharks rose from the water and devoured Washington, D.C. all before the theme song began and credits rolled. That's right, this movie franchise has a theme song, and it's pretty catchy at that. Fortunately, you can get in on the fun and listen to the Sharknado 3 theme song on a lot of platforms.

"(The Ballad of) Sharknado" by Quint is on YouTube, iTunes, and Spotify. The super catchy song actually made its Syfy debut in the end credits of the first Sharknado and was co-written by the movie's director Anthony C. Ferrante.

The song is undeniably awesome and just as campy as the movies themselves, especially with an '80s rock influence, an infectious guitar riff, and lyrics like, "Run away from the Sharknado/It’s your biggest foe, foe, foe." But, why write a theme song to a movie? Well, Ferrante told Entertainment Weekly that he initially had trouble securing the rights to music for Sharknado due to the film's budget. The director then decided to form a band called Quint with his friend Robbie Rist, and together they've composed the music for each of Ferrante's films — including the Sharknado movies.

"The joke is: Every movie we break up and then we reform as a new band, even though it’s just the two of us," Ferrante told EW. "So then for Sharknado, it was obvious we needed to call ourselves Quint in honor of the Robert Shaw character from Jaws."

This week, Quint released an EP called Great White Skies that includes two versions of "(The Ballad of) Sharknado" — the original version and a New York version, from Sharknado 2. And, who knows, there may eventually be another version for Sharknado 3.

Image: The Global Asylum/Syfy