We All Have A Bit Of The Donald In Us

Deep down inside, I think there are times we're all a little bit like Donald Trump, making promises and resolutions that we know we probably won't keep. Trump is promising he'll change his tone if elected president, but I think it sounds a bit too much like a New Year's resolution just waiting to be broken. Lately, the Republican front-runner has been steamrolling himself into a media frenzy over racist remarks and anti-veteran sentiments and has made it abundantly clear that he has absolutely no filter. While it's certainly entertaining to watch, considering Trump's favorable polling numbers, some can't help but wonder if Trump can be entertaining and presidential at the same time.

Anderson Cooper voiced this worry to Trump during a CNN interview on Wednesday, and although Trump didn't acknowledge there was anything wrong with his recent actions, he did say that he would work on his tone and switch up his antics. That would require focusing more on the job and less on attacking his opponents. Forgive me if I'm skeptical.

This is, after all, is The Donald. A man who, although religious, says he never repents, because, according to him, he's basically #flawless. "I try and lead a life where I don't have to ask God for forgiveness," Trump told Cooper during Wednesday's interview. "Why do I have to ask for forgiveness if you're not making mistakes? I work hard, I'm an honorable person."

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So it stands to reason that Trump will probably promptly forget about his presidential resolution. But that's okay. We've all been there. Who hasn't woken up after a night of Chipotle binging and too much wine and promised to start fresh, only to find yourself back in the clutches of extra guacamole once again? We've all been Trump, making promises to ourselves that we know we won't follow through on. Here are some familiar examples that prove we all have a little bit of Trump in us. (Except for that whole racist thing. We don't have that part in us.)

When We Said We'd Stop Being Vindictive To People Who Annoy Us

Subtweeting a co-worker, handing out a friend's cell number on national TV — it's basically the same thing. Yes, those petty antics are below us because it takes way too much energy to hold useless grudges against people. But it's so much fun sometimes.

When We Tried To Go On A Diet

Watching what you eat is only bearable for like a day. And who has the money to buy fresh vegetables? Let's just buy a diet soda and feel proud about our accomplishments.

When We Promised We'd Be More Mature On Social Media

A potential employer could be stalking you on Twitter at any time! Who here hasn't had the devastating realization that live-tweeting Pretty Little Liars may not make the best impression on a new boss? So then you try to retweet important looking news articles and political commentary for a day, but then you get bored with the serious stuff. Yeah. Been there.

When We Swore We'd Care Less About The Haters

Right next to "lose weight," the No. 1 New Year's resolution is to gain confidence in yourself and stop worrying about what other people think. But just a heads-up — telling everyone you don't care isn't the same as actually letting things go.

When We Decided To Become More Informed On Current Events

...But we didn't realize we had accidentally clicked on an Onion article until we brought it up at a family dinner. That was embarrassing.

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