George R.R. Martin Had A 'Sharknado 3' Cameo

I knew before I started watching the highly-anticipated Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No! on Syfy that celebrity cameos were a given. But, I truly did not expect this one. Halfway through the third installment of the insanely popular film franchise, Game of Thrones author George R.R. Martin made the quickest of Sharknado 3 cameos, alongside an insane list of other celebrities and personalities from TV, film, and beyond. That's right, the author of the wildly successful A Song Of Fire And Ice series, aka the man who created one of the greatest shows on television, Game of Thrones, showed up for approximately two seconds on Sharknado 3, and was promptly murdered.

So it looks like we know what Martin has been doing instead of finishing up the A Song Of Fire And Ice series. Doesn't he realize that the HBO TV series has now caught up and surpassed the novels he has released? Now I'm all about the Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No! cameos, there were some epic appearances from Anthony Weiner, Ray J, Lou Ferigno, and Frankie Muniz. But, the best cameo by far was Martin's.

He appeared in a movie theater at Universal Studios while watching a film about a three-headed shark. It was called "Shark Wedding" so it's appropriate that the GoT author died during it. Everyone knows weddings + Game of Thrones = disaster. So, while he was watching, almost immediately a shark burst through the screen and right into Martin's lap, where he was quickly decapitated. It's payback for Ned Stark, man. (And Jon Snow, Catelyn Stark, Robb Stark, and more. Basically lay off the Starks now, K?)

As much as I wish Martin would be locked in his office finishing the books, I have to admit that it just wouldn't be an authentic Sharknado film without the greatest, strangest cameos in the history of TV cinema. I'll give him a pass for now, but let's hope he quickly went back to writing after this cinematic break.