Owen Wilson Spends "Christmas in L.A." in The Killers' New, Pretty Music Video

If you won't be able to make it home for Christmas, rest assured: Owen Wilson knows how you feel. As the star of The Killers' new music video "Christmas In L.A.," Wilson portrays a struggling actor who is stuck in L.A. for the holidays, as he can't afford to head home for Christmas to spend it with his family. Of course, he's very sad about it — and for some reason, no one points out that maybe if he didn't spend so much money on an apartment with a view of the beach, he might have enough money to head home for the holidays. Those apartments are expensive! But hey, to each their own.

As The Killers' frontman explained to UK's Metro, the video is, at its core, about a man who misses the traditional Christmas, and is contemplating the meaning of life (probably because LA just does that to you). This is totally evident in the lyrics: As one verse goes, "Another Christmas in L.A./ another pitcher of Sangria/ in an empty beach café." Apparently, he wants a white Christmas instead of L.A.'s sunny, always mid-70 degrees temperatures. OK then. Apart from Wilson looking thoughtful/sad, the imagery of L.A. in the video is, as always, extremely pretty.

You can, of course, check out the video below.

Image: The Killers/Vimeo