5 Weird Ways Donald Trump Makes His Money

Donald Trump has already made it very clear in his 2016 presidential run that he's "really rich." Trump filed the details of his personal finances last week in preparation for the campaign, and the documents were released by the Federal Election Commission on Wednesday. Shockingly enough, though, the documents reveal that Trump only made $14,222 in salary, according to The New York Times. He owes at least $265 million in debt and is paid about $250,000 per speech. When the document went public, Trump, in true Trump fashion, released a statement bragging that he is worth "in excess of TEN BILLION DOLLARS," according to the statement. (Yes, that was his capitalization, not mine.) That claim is difficult to corroborate, but what's easier to see is how many weird things Donald Trump makes money from.

Trump earned at least $380 million, according to his Federal Election Commission disclosure file, which makes him the highest-earning candidate in the 2016 field. Trump makes a good portion of his money — about half of his income — from golf courses and resorts. The Trump National Doral golf course in Florida earned him the most last year at $49.4 million, according to Mother Jones. But not all of Trump's earning's make that much sense. Trump listed that he was invested in at least 515 different entities last year, and some of them are pretty strange. Here are five of the weirdest things Trump makes money from.

Trump Drinks Israel

Trump owns a Trump-branded vodka and energy drink specifically designed for the Israeli market, because, duh.

The Central Park Carousel

You read that right. Leave it to Trump to make $550,000 dollars off of an innocent, fun ride for kids visiting New York.

The Central Park Ice Skating Rink

Yep, Trump owns all the good, fun things in New York. He made about $8.6 million off of the ice skating rink. So if you ever visit New York and you're having fun, you're probably giving money to Trump.

Serta's Line Of Trump Mattresses

Trump pocketed between $1 million and $5 million by licensing his name for a special line of Trump mattresses. Because maybe if you sleep on one you will actually feel like 10 million bucks?


Trump listed between $100,000 and $250,000 in gold as one of his assets. According to Mother Jones, the vault of gold bars you're picturing isn't quite accurate. It's probably about half a bar of gold.

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