Adidas Adigirl Collection Caters To Female High School Athletes With Cute, Comfy Pieces For Ballers & Runners

Female high school students who specialize in ballin' and running are about to be stoked. Adidas Adigirl collection caters to female high schools athletes. Specifically, the range is designed for ladies who run track or play basketball, volleyball, soccer, or softball. It offers seriously cute and comfy pieces that support and encourage sporty endeavors, without sacrificing an ounce of style.

It can be hard to find adorable and affordable exercise clothes, but Adigirl solves that problem for high school girl bosses on the field and beyond. Athletes can sweat and play, and look good while doing it, thanks to these offerings.

The best thing about the pieces? Well, if you fall out of the desired demo and aren't a high school athlete, you can still snatch up some of the clothes for the gym, working out, running errands, or whatever. It's a wonderful merge of fashion and function that still looks wearable for an out-of-schooler.

Adigirl is already shoppable online. It will also be sold at 200 Dick's locations, according to Women's Wear Daily. Overall, the Adigirl collection is technical in design, with a focus on age-appropriate styling and realistic pricing.

Let's face it. Most high school athletes don't have unlimited disposable income, so the range is affordable. Sports bras ring up at $35, while a tights top out at $50.

Some of the cutest pieces are below.

1. Tights

The print tights are so bright that they can help lift your mood while warming up! ($50,

2. Boy Shorts

These stretchy and flattering boy shorts can be worn for a variety of activities, from running to even cooling down by the pool after a rigorous workout. ($35,

3. The New Training Bra

Who said sports bras worn during training exercises had to be boring? This print bra looks cute and looks to offer excellent support for the boobies! ($35,

4. Sweat Equity

This sweatshirt x tank isn't available yet, but when it is, you'll want to own it. It's cute and has a unique shape, yet is suited for the athletic tasks at hand — or legs. Honestly, I'd wear it with black leggings and flip flops... if they offered it in black.

5. Hooded

This tangerine hued hoodie isn't available yet, either. But it has a feminine cut and a fashion-friendly color.

6. Double Stacked

These double layer shorts are casual, but also serve a variety of physical activities. The fit is cute, too.

Adigirl pretty much rules because it gives high school athletes stylish options. They never have to feel frumpy about their warmups, calisthenics, or endeavors. Atta girl!

Images: Adidas (6)