SPF Foundation Is No Sunscreen Substitute

It's no surprise that protecting your skin from the sun should be priority during the summer, and many use a variety of products to do so. But makeup with SPF is not enough when it comes to protecting yourself from harsh rays. Take note — that SPF foundation you love won't necessarily keep you safe or prevent sunburn.

Dermatologist Dr. Hadley King, who talked to PopSugar, explained that SPF cosmetics are definitely a good added layer of protection, but shouldn't be your only source of sunscreen. "With sunblock, the general guideline is to use a nickel to quarter sized amount to cover the face," King says. "This is also true for other [makeup] products, but for people who don't want to look like they are wearing a thick layer of makeup, this may not be their natural inclination."

Though these foundations have the same amount of SPF, you put way less of the product on than when you slather on sunscreen before heading outside. In other words, you'd need to pile on some major amount of makeup just to get the same amount of protection, which may not be very comfortable for a day in the sun (hint: melting foundation is not fun).

So, in order to ensure that you don't accidentally follow the oh-so-dangerous sunburn art "trend," always apply a layer of sunscreen (make sure it's a kind that works with your skin type) before using your foundation, whether your makeup contains SPF or not. After applying some SPF that will actually protect your skin, try one of these sun-friendly foundations that will give your daily sunscreen an added boost.

Compact With Some a Sun-Protecting Kick

All Day Luminous Powder Foundation SPF 24, $48

Energizing Foundation Fit for the Sun

Wake Up Liquid Makeup SPF 20, Almay, $11

Hydration in the Heat

Hope in a Jar Foundation SPF 20, $23

Foundation with Some Major (Additional) SPF

Healthy Skin Compactt Makeup SPF 55, Neutrogena, $13

Make Your Skin Look Flawless and Protected

Liquid Halo HD Foundation SPF 15, Smashbox, $42

Even (and Protect) Your Skin Tone

Even Better Makeup SPF 15, Clinique, $27

Combine these products with some heavy duty sunscreen and you'll be free to enjoy some fun in the sun!

Images: Maciej Serafinowicz/Unsplash, Courtesy Brands