If Disney Princesses Had Instagram, #Awesome

Today's Instagram princesses are probably the Kardashian sisters, but the website B for Bel dreamed up If Disney Princesses had Instagram, a clever series of pictures showing what it would be like if Ariel, Jasmine, and Cinderella signed up for the social media site. All the princesses are following each other, of course, and are inclined to post some Mean Girls-inspired comments on each others' pics.

Belinda Tan, founder of B for Bel, explained her inspiration for the project to Mashable:

The princesses are apparently pretty filter-savvy and know how to use a good hashtag. All the pictures refer to each movie's plot in a clever and cute way. Ariel has a picture where she reminisces about her parents, Rapunzel documents her first trip out of her tower, and Cinderella posts a photo of her fab pink dress. All this sass is super refreshing, especially since we were just about ready to give up on Disney and its non-expressive princesses. When are the Frozen sisters getting an account?

See the rest of the series at B for Bel.

Images: BforBel.com